It’s Like The People Running Our Institutions Don’t Much Care About Our Country

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Something that ticks me off.

Ignore the screwing they already give US kids, these universities entice over foreign students, let them rack up US levels of debt, and then after Trump took office we had visa restrictions out the wazoo so now we can’t touch any candidates but they also can’t pay off their loans.

At least a US kid can get a US job and pay down the loans. If you came from India you are going to be deep in debt and making India wages if you have to go back.

If colleges are going to sell their services as valuable there should be some skin in the game. They screwed those kids big time. No debt forgiveness, no interest forgiveness, no nothing. Typically I would be fine but there was no high paying US job at the end of that student debt rainbow, just a bill.

If a Conservative institution did this it would be called exploitation.

Universities are an amoral scam who exploit the young and naive as well as parents believing they are doing well by their kids. Reading the stories of colleges having financial troubles this year and last year have really warmed my heart.


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