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Why did the news fake stories and people in positions of power and trust call for the impeachment of Donald Trump??? Obama; “The only people who don’t want to disclose the “TRUTH,” are people with something to hide.” Barack Obama, the father without one photo holding his newborn daughters, nor any of Michelle, with the children that were so hard to get. It isn’t the party, but the content of the character and those who can stand up in front of the American people and lie, probably aren’t 100% American!!!

Ask for the photos of the Obama’s newborn babies with their parents…they’re the same place where the rest of the toddler photos and “TRUTH” is.

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There are those who put “HONOR” & “COUNTRY” first, and they were purged and forced out of positions in the U.S. Military by Obama…(the non American!!!) and those who are forgiven for being blackmailed. The lies are coming down like the lava from a volcano and its running fast and hot. How many times did everyone have to make it right??? How many times was that spirit guide whispering in the ear of the traitor…non-American???

Q anon 11/11/18 “Let the Unsealing Begin”

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“Q” Voice: Austin Ballou – Published on Dec 6, 2018

Q shows us all about the possibilities of therr being voter fraud in Broward county. Also discussed is who may fill the next Attorney general. Trey Gowdy and John Ratcliff were discussed. Ending off with a weird coded string. Cant wait to see what the next couple weeks holds. Now is the time for “TRUTH” to pour out from “EVERY” direction, from every person who wants to or is 100% American to step up and if you see or know something, say something!!!


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