IT’S THE PAST THAT KEEPS CHANGING: It’s easy to predict a leftist future — it’s always bad.

It’s easy to predict a leftist future — it’s always bad.

A friend and I were speaking about the political predictions we’ve made in the last decade. We realized that I was right significantly more often than he had been right. Further conversation revealed why I was so prescient.

It’s not that I’m smarter or more informed than he is. (Believe me when I say I’m not.) It’s that I’m a pessimist and he’s an optimist. I always assume the worst will come true. That doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally see positive outcomes. For example, I predicted in 2007 that Obama’s pro-Iranian worldview would bring Israel closer to the Sunni Arab world. Trump’s peace initiatives proved me right.

Today’s ascendant leftism means that I’m doing exceptionally well in the prediction business. When leftists have power, if you always assume the worst, you will seldom be wrong.

After all, leftists are nothing if not predictable. No matter the means they choose, the ends are the same: Anti-liberty, anti-unity, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, anti-Constitution (and, specifically, anti-First, Second, and Fourth Amendments)…I could go on but you get the point. Whether they use class, economic disparities, race, sex, or imaginary genders, the point is to destroy liberty in all its manifestations. Easy to predict.

Of course, I’m new to the game of analyzing and predicting leftism, having started only 20 or so years ago. However, one well-known American novelist was very good at it. I wrote a post 11 years ago looking at her work compared to the world Obama was giving us in 2010. She’d nailed what had happened. Since then, her predictions, which show up as commentary in her novel about how leftists operate, are proving to be even more eerily accurate.

I’m going to use this post to update my old post. Then, at the end of this post, I’ll link to that old post so that you can see how accurate her calls about leftists have been whether applied to the Obamistas or the Bidenistas. What should be clear is that we’re in another Cold War — except that it’s a hot war being fought on American soil, with American leftists and the Chinese Communist Party on the one side, and the rest of us on the other side.


Biden Stimulus Bails Out San Francisco’s $650 Million Deficit

90% of Stimulus Spending Isn’t Directly Related to Coronavirus

Pres­i­dent Biden’s $1.9 tril­lion “Amer­i­can Res­cue Plan” could soon become law.
The bud­get-bust­ing leg­is­la­tion, sold as emer­gency COVID response and “stim­u­lus,” passed the Sen­ate over the week­end. But even the lib­er­al-lean­ing fact-check­ing web­site Poli­ti­Fact is point­ing out that almost all of the bill’s spend­ing is unre­lat­ed to the health effects of COVID-19.
“Total spend­ing direct­ly on COVID-19’s health impacts ranges from $100 bil­lion to $160 bil­lion,” fact-check­er Jon Green­berg writes. “At the high end, direct COVID-19 spend­ing rep­re­sents about 8.5% of the bill’s $1.9 tril­lion cost.”
Of the bill’s near­ly $2 tril­lion in spend­ing, Poli­ti­Fact reports that just $14 to $20 bil­lion goes …

Pelosi Task Force Seeks Permanent D.C. Military Occupation That Can Self-Deploy Without Presidential Authorization

There are Four Cops For Every Congressman, and Pelosi Wants More

THEY REALLY THINK BREAKING THE FIRE ALARM MAKES THEM FIREPROOF:  Biden’s latest executive order is his most frightening yet.

SHOCKER: Trump transparency being erased by Biden.

Democrats are supposed to be for government transparency, but critics of the Biden administration claim it is taking steps to hide its actions from the public and the media.

Many are pointing to Biden’s reversal of a Trump-era order requiring agencies to include links and other disclosure information on new regulations to help the public figure them out.

Proponents said it streamlines regulations, but critics said it puts federal actions in the shadows. “The move makes Biden the Edward Scissorhands of government transparency,” said Clyde Wayne Crews Jr., the regulation czar at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Wisconsin Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said that the Trump administration disclosure policy is needed and that a similar legislative package was backed by then-Sen. Kamala Harris.

Meanwhile, agencies, including Immigration and Customs Enforcement, are taking down Twitter and other social media accounts, and the press is starting to chafe at getting little access to Biden, who has yet to hold a press conference as president.

The campaign to erase Trump-era transparency shouldn’t be a surprise, however. During the Obama-Biden administration, similar efforts drew a sharp rebuke from media groups and news executives, including the former top editor of the Washington Post.

The rebuking will be less sharp now, since today’s press sees itself, quite consciously, as part of the Democrats’ messaging apparat.


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