IT’S WISE TO SHORTEN SUPPLY CHAINS: Russia-Ukraine War Adding to Supply Problems, Auto Industry Reinventing Itself.

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Volkswagen Group has stalled production in Germany, citing an inability to obtain sufficient parts from Ukraine. The automaker reportedly is lacking sufficient electrical components for its Zwickau-Mosel plant and the Dresden-based “Transparent Factory” — both of which are responsible for manufacturing VW and Audi-branded electric vehicles.

While the automaker declined to identify any specific suppliers, it said that Zwickau-Mosel will be down for at least four days as the Dresden facility will only need three days of downtime. That should put them both back online by the end of the week. But that’s hardly a guarantee and problems abound elsewhere, some of which are starting to feel borderline ordinary, as the industry continues reinventing itself.

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According to the Financial Times, factory closures will result in 1,200 fewer cars being produced per day. This was said to impact the assembly of VW’s I.D. models coming out of Zwickau. Demand has allegedly been so high that the company is even asking staff to drive combustion vehicles to increase the available supply of battery-driven automobiles.


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