Ivanka Trump vs. Angela Merkel?

By Gabrielle Seunagal
On Friday, President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a meeting in which vocational training matters were the subject of discussion. The two leaders conversed with American and German officials about various methods that companies can implement to train their workers more effectively. Also present at this meeting was First Daughter, Ivanka Trump. Many people interpreted Merkel’s sometimes indifferent facial expressions as her giving the First Daughter the ‘side eye.’ Throughout the duration of the meeting, Ivanka and Merkel were seen smiling at each other while engaging in work related discussion.
Despite the media’s narrative, there is no animosity between the German Chancellor and the First Daughter. Merkel contacted Ivanka, prior to the meeting, with aspirations of setting up the gathering to discuss critical workplace issues. The formal discussion was guided by the First Daughter who noted her father’s success in generating a plethora of jobs while pinpointing the demand for private investment, the private sector, and ingenuity. Workplace growth and vocational training matters dominated the formal gathering; sensitive matters regarding international trade were not covered. Ivanka concluded the meeting by asserting that executives would craft a task force, report program expansion plans within three months time, and detail ways for America and Germany to work together.

The First Daughter’s prominent role in the White House has raised eyebrows and even engendered negative feedback from critics. Many people question her role and her activism in the Trump administration. The censure is quite interesting, especially since it stems from liberals. The same group of people who claim to advocate for women’s rights and women’s involvement in the political arena (supposedly dominated by men) are now attacking Ivanka for her activism.
If the First Daughter were a Democrat, she would be championed and endorsed by every feminist group in America. The attacks on Ivanka are rooted in envy and resentment from Democrats who lost the election. Ivanka Trump is the daughter of the President of the United States. She is also an affluent entrepreneur and successful businesswoman, thus more than qualified to partake in meetings with global leaders. Merkel appeared to be impressed and pleased with Ivanka and the two women thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company as evidenced in a plethora of captured images.

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2 thoughts on “Ivanka Trump vs. Angela Merkel?”

  1. Not all “attacks on Ivanka are rooted in envy and resentment from Democrats who lost the election”.
    I’m an Independent who despises both parties just about equally (and in the 2016 election cycle, keeping Hitlery out of the White House was the key issue – even if I disagree with Trump on some issues).
    I don’t have Ivanka, but I don’t trust her at all. Why?
    She married Kushner, and that guy is just about the most creepy person you can find. Close friend of Nuttyyahu’s, supports building new Israeli settlements in the middle of Palestinian territory, close Wall Street ties… He seems to be a typical Cheneyesque Neocon to me.
    That’s not a good sign at all.
    I hope she’ll eventually convince me I was wrong with my distrust, but I’m skeptical.


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