BREAKING: Paris Is In Total CHAOS, Looks Like A War Zone, Protests Run Out Of Hand!

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Under the banner, “march for justice and dignity “, thousands in Paris rallied against police brutality on Sunday, with authorities using tear gas against some demonstrators.
Protesters chanted “no justice, no peace” and “police everywhere, justice nowhere” to call for an end to what they say is the use of excessive police force, especially against black and other minority groups.
The protest was the latest demonstration sparked by the alleged rape of a young black man by police in February.
The 22-year-old man, identified only as Theo, was allegedly raped with a police baton when officers stopped him in the northern Paris suburb Aulnay-sous-Bois. He was hospitalised for two weeks.
One officer has been charged with rape, while three others have been accused of aggravated assault. A lawyer for the officer charged with rape said that any injury inflicted was done accidentally. All have denied any intentional wrongdoing.

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  1. 613
    I want to see the country
    To see it at my feet
    I want to see the cities
    And riot in the street
    I want to see the rich men
    While poor men loot and kill
    Destroy a rotten government
    Oppose its fascist will
    I want to drag the supreme
    behind me coast to coast
    and light the match
    torch the white house
    it’s what I want the most
    I want to get the president
    In the cross hairs of my gun
    And kill him very slowly
    The way that he has done
    I want to buy the
    To work on my plantation
    And horsewhip his white lazy
    Lower his expectation

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