IWB Family Member Miles A. Caughey Jr. – US Congressional District 1 – Kentucky 2020 – A Proven Leader!

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IWB wishes to recognize family member, Miles A. Caughey Jr., who is running for 1st District, US Representative, of the State of Kentucky – 2020.

In 2016, five of the six candidates running to succeed retiring Congressman Ed Whitfield as the next Representative of Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District took part in a Kentucky Farm Bureau forum in Murray.

Miles A. Caughey, Jr. pledges –

‘I plan on doing ALL I possibly can do to reindustrialize America, make AMERICA Energy independent and put America back to work and raise the Standard of Living for ALL Americans, making Americans FIRST! We will establish Truth Commisions with fearless volunteers combined with Congressional Inquiries to reveal the TRUTH of the past so the Present can be better understood, and we can reclaim the American Dream for our children’s future!

(Reindustrialization is the economic, social, and political process of organizing national resources for the purpose of re-establishing industries. The process proceeds as a result of a need to reinvigorate national economies.)

I was planning on using 15 Grand I had to replace my blown Case 770 with a used 4 wheel drive enclosed cabin tractor with a front end loader.  However, ya can’t drive a tractor, even with an enclosed cab, through the Pearly Gates. So I am going to use it and my VA disability to run for Kentucky 1st District U.S. Representative. I am not asking for a dime from no one.  I do request if you agree with 51% of my positions listed in the next section you get as many friends and relatives who are also fed up and mad as h3ll to get out there and vote during the Republican primary in May. If you feel strongly then take out some ads and support my positions. If you disagree with my positions, then take out as many ads as you can and rebuke them.  May the chains of Tyranny rest gently on your ankles!”


You can listen to the comments made in the forum at wkms.org/post/candidates-1st-district-congressional-seat-converge-farm-bureau-forum

The two-hour forum focused on issues germane to the Farm Bureau’s legislative agenda, including Farm Bill funding, Environmental Protection Agency regulations, and genetically-modified foods.


Miles has an impressive background – kentuckychief.org/

“I am a 42+ year US Army veteran, 35 years in combat units with several combat tours.  I served 14 years as an Airborne Ranger Infantryman and a Special Forces A Team Member.  I flew 29 years as a Master Army Aviator specializing in aircraft maintenance and insuring the reliability and safety of the fleet.

I have been raising cattle for 21 years in Pee Dee, Kentucky and this has added to my views and beliefs.  I worked in a Steel Plant for 9 years as a laborer and as Management which has also widened my experiences.

I do NOT lie, cheat, steal, NOR tolerate those that do.

Our Political System is so corrupt it is disgusting, and will result in the collapse of our Great Nation.

I refuse to stand back and watch it without standing up and speaking Truth to Power, regardless of the consequences to myself or my loved ones.

I took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC, and I plan on doing so with my dying breath if necessary.“


Go here to view a video featuring Caughey answering questions for the camera.


Caughey does not mince words when explaining his plans for this Country –

“His message to voters is: Don’t let the clothes fool you. This farmer has a master’s degree and serious plans for this district, plans like “Stop all immigration until Americans are back to work, build a wall, keep out all illegals, and keep out drugs.”

Caughey set a $14,500 budget for his campaign because he says voters don’t want money in politics. It didn’t buy him a fancy website, but it’s getting some traction. He doesn’t like unnecessary spending, in his personal life or in Washington. He says that will be his approach, if elected.

He likes his opponents, but says: “None of them have the intestinal fortitude, I don’t believe, to stand up for what has to be done.”


As you can see Miles A. Caughey Jr. has dedicated his past to serving the United States of America, and now he is dedicating his future in doing the same.

Unfortunately, the American people have not been blessed with an outpouring of dedicated individuals to serve in government.  However, in this case one good man is stepping forward to offer his life to God and Country. That man is Miles A. Caughey Jr.

As Miles steps forward to dedicate his future  to the American people, we should step forward to support him.

Our Country needs Miles A. Caughey Jr. to help it move forward to a record of honesty and integrity in Government.

To support a man like Caughey is to bring power back to We The People!

We here at IWB are proud to support Miles A Caughey in his endeavor to restore trust and instill change in the Government of the United States of America.  God bless him.


Here is a full list of Miles A Caughey Jr.’s POSITIONS.


  1.  Stop ALL immigration, legal and Illegal, untill the majority of 93+ Million Americans are employed and wages increase to liveable levels.


  1.  Secure the borders.  Insure Illegals, Drugs, WMDs and Terrorist do NOT enter the USA!


  1.  American Energy Independence.  Dig, Drill and Build. Put da miners in da hole, diggin coal, NOW!


Today’s low gas prices are suicidal for us in a year or two.  We are elliminating our small independent oil companies, frackers and oil shale companies and allowing the International Energy Companies to buy them up pennies on the dollar.  A war between the Sunnis and Shia will drive prices through the roof as well as the Oil Ticks jacking up the price after the election. One or both senarios WILL happen. High gas prices will be the final straw that will collapse our nation!


I suggest a base price of 100 dollars.  If oil sells for 30 dollars a barrel then substract 100-30 and get 70 and pick an arbitrary number such as 1/2 and get 35 dollars.  That would be the IMPORTED oil tax and the price would then be 65 dollars. This would protect our own energy production in the US and raise substantial capital for our nations revenue.  NO MORE BLOOD for OIL!


  1.  ReIndustrialize America.  Encourage American investment.  Penalize Corporation’s plant closures resulting from their movement overseas!  Stop economic incentives to move out of the country!


Id like to say Money for Nothin and Chicks for FREE, Vote me me and I’ll set ya Free.  However, to get this economy back to work for the worker ya gotta put the worker back to work.  We’re ALL either wage slaves or slaves on da DONKEY Plantation. Need I tell ya what happens to old farm equipment and animals no longer needed on the farm? Do you really think the ELITES really care about the people?   One screwed over his two best friends for his Billions, one tells us to pay more in taxes while he owes over a BILLION in back taxes and another one has bankrupted several nations and started numerous wars and even helped the NAZIs round up his own people.  Ya, THEY care about YOU. NOT!


  1.  Reel in the EPA and OSHA.  My Plant, USS Claiton Coke Works spent BILLIONS of dollars back in the early 1980’s to comply with environmental standards.  The standards kept increasing quicker than the company could react and the plant, which hired over 8,000 good paying steel workers, was drastically reduced and the entire Pittsburgh, PA area lost 50,000 good UNION jobs due to these clowns and now half the mercury contaminants in the USA comes from Red China as does 50% of the polution on the West Coast!  I worked several times on the TOP of the 13 story cooling stack on the coal/coke oven gas electrical power plant and stuck my face several times into the white SMOKE coming out and could smell nothing, just steam!


I served two separate tours in South Korea for a combined 2 +years and experienced the nasty yellow smuck pollution from Red China that smells like a stack of burining tires or when the wind comes from the South, with the burning of the Tropical Rain Forests in Indonesia.  It is so thick you can hardly see and it burns your throat. THIS is POLLUTION! I gladly looked foward to the smell of crap that generally fills the air there when Korea isn’t being smothered in this foreign pollution.


I spent over 10 years as an Aviation Company and Battalion Safety Officer and can assure you many of the OSHA and EPA standards are ridiculous and EXTREMELY expensive!


  1.  Fair Tax not Rip Off Tax.  Elliminate national corporate and small business tax to make American goods more economically attractive.  Tax goods sold at the retail level. Forgeign goods should become more expensive, American goods should become significantly less expensive making them more competitve.  A national EBT card could be issued to assist ALL Legal Americans. This would capture the estimated 40% of the US economy that is under the table!


  1.  Free Trade, not Rip Off Trade.  Zero Tarrifs on countries imports we have a ballanced trade with.  Countries that have a $30 Billion a month trade surplus, 300% tarrif.  $20 Billion a month surplus, make it 200% tarrif and so on. They either buy our goods or pay our taxes.  Just say NO to the TPP and other unfair trade agrements!


  1.  End the FED (Federal Reserve System) and Audit Fort Knox!  Have the US Treasury issue money, expanding the money supply by increasing Federal Spending over Revenues by a given % up to the point inflation increases 1 to 2 % a year.  Issuing bonds and notes on money we never plan on repaying is asinine. The money supply has to increase in a growing economy to keep defaltion from happening. No society can repay borrowed money with money worth less than what it was worth when borrowed.


Over 30 years ago I earned a BA in Economics, a MBA and have 6 Doctoral Credits in Finance.  The collapse of the American Steel Industry combined with the realization that it was all real BS made me pursue my final childhood dream of becoming an Army Helicopter Pilot after already becoming an Airborne Ranger Infantryman and a Green Beret Light/Heavy Weapons “A” Team Leader.


I NOW plan on doing ALL I can to expose the Crony Corporate Fascist system our country has devolved into and Hold ALL those accountable.  Everything from the 4.9% unemployment and practically NO inflation is a bold face LIE and I plan on assembling specialized teams to uncover it and bring back honesty to our entire economic/political system.

  1.  Stop ALL long term payments to illegals and legal immigrants.  Sponsors of legal immigrants that pledged to support them in their immigration papers need to pay up or deport them.


  1.  Illegals or foreign nations who commit crimes in the USA, try them, sentence them, and deport them back to the country of origin and pay those countries 1/4 to 1/3 the cost of keeping them in an American jail in the conditions of their country of origin.


  1.  Make ALL appropriation bills clean to insure ALL pork is removed.  A bill should only have in it what it is pertaining to. Over ride the Supreme Court and bring back the line item veto.  If President Obama can rule, tax and regulate by Presidential decree, surely the President can refuse to spend appropriated money only subjected to a congressional over ride of his veto!


  1.  Term limits for Congress. 3 two year terms for Congressmen and 2 terms for Senators.  Reduce congressional pay and stop ALL congressional pensions. Make them eligible and pay into Social Security like the rest of us smucks and let them contribute to a Federal 401 pension plan like the rest of the Federal workers.  Also, insure the insider Trading Law (STOCK Act) has it’s teeth reinstalled and prosecute ALL congressmen who enrich themselves at the people’s expense, which, unfortunety, would most likely be the majority of them. Lastly, make Congressmen buy their own Obama Care, give em a taste of their own medicine!


  1.  All US government admistrators and Judges who do not enforce Federal Law should be charged as accessories to the crimes these unlawfully released criminals commit after their unlawful release.
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  1.  Charge ALL corporations and people who compromise classified militay and trade secrets and those who employ foreign nationals in National Defence work projects.


  1.  Severly penalize countries who ignore or steal our patented processes and blatently disregard commerce and generally accepted financial practices.  I had several job interviews with the CIA back in 1984, maybe 85, even went to Langley and walked around the Bird on the Floor and the Stars on the Wall.  The job was to monitor technology transfers to Red China that had military applications and stop them. Needless to say I did NOT get the job. If I had, President Clinton and Loral would have gone to jail or I to prison or pushin daisies along with Vince Voster!
  2.  Crack down on Crony Cororate Fasicst, such as GE or GM who are using the political system to avoid taxes and milk our country dry while moving manufactoring to Mexico or China. Start  charging corrupt politicians under RICO or some other appropriate law for the criminal squandering of the publics money!


  1.  Offer rewards on money recovered from unethical and illegal government and corporate spending.  Say 10% reward on the first 1 million recovered and 1% on all moneys thereafter. Stop fining companies and corporations for illegal actions and start charging executives for criminal actions.


  1.  All public spending must pass a real cost/benefit analysis and if anything other than REALISTIC expectations are used, people who misrepresented reality MUST be punished, either loss of position or criminal charges placed upon them.


  1. The military is a socialist organization in which one is expected to contribute according to their abilities and recieve according to their needs.  We have dumbed down America so much and have drastically reduced the opportunities for the average Joe. We need short term solutions to our problems.


Small business is the strength of America and needs reinforced by favorable laws and regulations.  Tax reform is number one. It takes me about 3 weeks plus to get my farm taxes together every year for just a small calf operation.  I can only imagine the amount of paperwork required for a small company with half a dozen employees or more.


Corporations are necessary.  However the relationship of the Board of Directors and the CEO’s is incestuous and results in ridiculous payments to both parties at the expense of the share owners.  Outrageous expenses and salaries should be investigated under RICO and other applicable laws. A reward system for whistle blowers should be implimented.


Lastly, incentives should be established to place labor intensive manufactoring in high unemployment areas.  When I was in Korea one could always have the local sew shop make you a custom high quaity T shirt for 20 bucks or 40 for a well made knock off jacket with your favorite team logo with better quality than the sanctioned merchandise.  Surely we can make these and 200+ dollar NBA Tennis shoes in economically distressed areas for a fraction of the cost the NFL or NBA sells them for NOW. This would provide meaningfull work to unemployed people, and the Sports Teams get good publicity, and STILL make a good profit!


20..  The more we spend on education, the stupider the students get.  We need to go back to local school boards running schools and trash Agenda 21.  Place the smartest children in advanced academics. Pull out the slower kids or those who like to use their hands to vocational schools.   Not every child is capable or should go to college. Programs should be established so graduates can go and immediately get hired as nurse assistants, tech programers what have you.


For those who wish to home school their children or send them to private schools, I’d give the parents 1/2 the cost to the school district to educate the first child, 1/3 the cost for the second and 1/4 the cost of the third child and so on. The district would save a lot of money which they could spend on smaller class sizes, better teachers, what have you.  The parents could support having a parent stay home to teach the children and it would aid in increasing family income and decreasing the unemployment rate and provide competition to the school district. A semi-annual test could be administerd to insure standards were being meet. An arbitary number could be at least 40% or better percentile in comparison to children in the public school system.  Those with special needs take significant more in funding so this would give the parents different options for the care of their child and allow them to more closely monitor their care and development.


  1.  I am against abortion.  However, if you wish to obtain one that is between you and your maker.  I pledge to fight tooth and nail against any government funding to any institution that performs abortions for any reason other than the life of the mother, rape or incest!  Let Gates, Buffett and Soros fund them with their stash! Killing live born babies and selling their body parts is an act against G-d and I will do everything I can to have those people involved charged with murder.  This is what the NAZIs and Dr Mengele did. Not Americans!


  1.  No MEN in the GIRLS showers or rest rooms.  America has really fallen when that the majority of Men and Women are NOT standing up shouting at the top of their lungs over this.  This Administration is pure EVIL and ALL those that support it, the Donkeys overtly and the RINOs covertly! Separate rooms for men, women and others I’ll support as well as single secure occupancy rooms.


  1.  Anyone over 18 who leaves a compromising DNA sample in a 12 or younger child should have that DNA tested in three seperate labs with three other samples from the same ethnic group as the suspect.  If ALL three samples come back positive that person should become an Organ Donor. Instead they recieve minimum time here in Christian County!


Also anyone suspected as having commited a violent sex crime against another individual ALSO should be subject to the above procedure.


  1.  No gay blood for my loved ones.  Male homosexuals have up to 40 TIMES the rate of STD’s and Lesbians supposedly have 3 times.  I can not give blood since I was stationed in Germany and had a mission to England back in 1986!  How stupid is that?


  1.  Completely restructure Obama Care so the workers can not only afford the insurance but be able to to afford the deductable and copay.  I have numerous friends who have health insurance but can NOT afford to use it since the deductable are too high along with the copayments.  Meanwhell those making under 15,000 have everything free. Couples are NOT gettin married because they will lose their parents insurance if they move out if they are under 26.  Other married people are getting divorced since they THEN will be able to be eligible for the FREE Obama care. Why are we purposefully destroying the family and removing G-d from our lives and society?


  1.  Mothers who give birth while having drug and alcohol addictions should be sterilized at the hospital if three sample from three separate labs come back positive for these substances.  Women who have two children on public assistance for over two years should be sterilized. Men who are ONE year behind child support payments would get clipped! Putting them in Jail is a colossal waste of government assets.


  1. Stop the War on Drugs and start The War on Gang Bangers!  All it does it enrich gangs, drug pushers, corrupt law enforcement agencies and the judiciary system.  Look at HSBC Drug Laundering. Launder Billions of dollars get a fine. Get busted with a couple of joints and go to jail.  And to top it off, I believe our present Atorney General was in charge of that settlement!


Put low level nuisance offenders to work in the county work farm.  Everytime they get picked up they get an additional week working at the workhouse during the day and drug/rehab/vocational training at night.  First time a week, 10th time TEN weeks. Make going to jail an unfavorable experience!


  1. The REAL War on Women is the thousands of rape kits that were never tested due to lack of funding.  Come on NOW, the government finds enough money to waste on the stupidist things. Protecting our women from RAPIST should rank right up there on top of the funding.  Why was the funding not found to test these samples and get these scum off the streets?


  1.  I believe in strong gun contol.  Any weapon that is illegally discharged in the commision of a felony should be destroyed as well as the person who pulled the trigger. ALL CITIZENS WHO ARE RESPONSBLE ENOUGH TO VOTE SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT TO CARRY!


  1.  The Florida hanging chad problem, which were recounted 3 times by unbiased news sources and came up with realtively the same results, was solved by paperless electronic voting machined programed by SEIU members, some having votes in them prior to the opening of polls and others would show a vote for the person the voter DID NOT vote for, counted in Spain by a Soros/Goldman Sachs affiliated company.  Some precients had more votes than registered voters and others had 100% for one candidate though some people swore they voted for the other candidate. People need to go to JAIL who were responsible for these precients. Instead, people in intimidating uniforms with baseball bats in front of the polls were only exercising their right to free speech! The entire Department of Justice needs indicted for conspiraring to commit voter fraud among other things.


In the Kentucky New Era, 16 Mar 2016,  “Jeffeson County Clerk, Bobbie Holsclaw, …said about 100,000 voters used the new system in the last 10 days to either register or to update their registration”.  An approximate 18% of registered voters usage in TEN days is pretty good. Is this Massive Voter fraud?


  1.  Early voting and absentee ballots need abolished.  All voting needs to be done on paper balots in a 24 hour period in ENGLISH with the finger or thumb dipped in permanant ink that will NOT wash off in 3 days.  This should stop multiply voting by the DEAD! No more “Vote early, Vote often”! In addition, those recieving SSI “Crazy Checks” should not be able to vote. If they can not function in their own life due to mental handicaps, why should their vote count as much as mine?


  1.  I will demand at the top of my voice someone explain to us our Middle East foreign policy and our relations with Russia.  Why has this administration done everthing they can to destabilize the Middle East and the world? Why has the Nobel Peace Prize recipeint set the stage for WWIII?  It sure appears to me that we should be working with Assad and the Kurds and create a stable area there with the cooperation of the Russian. Beatin da Bear with a stick ain’t smart!


Why did Bill Clinton and his wife practically reinvented the Cold War?  Is Putin worth Billions and Castro Millions? How much are the world leaders worth?  How much are American public servants worth? Is it ALL a scam by the Globalist? Did Jacob Schiff, major BANKSTER and founder of the FED,  really give Leon Trotsky 20 million in gold and chartered a ship that took Trotsky and 200 Bolsheviks from NEW YORK CITY to overthrow the Kerenesky Government of Russia, who were our Allies against the Kaiser?  I intend to find out with congressional power of investigation and the input, sweat and hard work of patriotic Americans!


Are America’s Global ELITES purposefully collapsing America and setting the stage for WWIII?  Do they really want Israel destroyed? WHY?


Nothing happens by chance in this world if money and power is involved.  So THIS is all planned. Once again, WHY?


  1.  All policies affecting the military should be performance orientated and not socially driven.  Base realignments, weapons procurement should be based on the most cost effective, not most politically expedient.  No standard for the different Military Occupations should be LOWERED to accomadate women or anyone else. Women Rangers and Special Forces and Seals is rediculous.  I say this as an old Airborne Ranger Infantry Green Beret. As a Master Army Aviator and maintainer I say women make excelent mechanics, door gunners, pilots and other skills.  However to expect a female to hump a 100+ pound ruck is asinine.
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  1.  Rules of Engagement need to be relaxed.  I have stood several times in the TOC during Combat Actions in Afghanistan and had to watch grown men cry since they had to wait, and then be denied permission from the Combat Aviation Brigade LAUYERS to launch  to provide life protecting combat support for our soldiers and Marines in deadly combat. We have had our soldiers die because of them! This is not tolerable to me and I WILL demand an end to them!


  1.  I was asked today by the Murray State Radio if I would fight President Obama in his quest to shut down GITMO.  Not only I would NOT close it down, I’d fill it up with ALL those Financers, Political and Religious Leaders who support International Terrorism!  Playing wack a mole with low level terrorist is rediculous. Notice no higher level Political or Religious leaders are in any hurry to recieve their 72 virgins!


  1.  As Congresssman, I will support our TROOPS in the Field and those retired and disabled with ALL my abilities.  I am a 100% disabled Combat Vet and had either the Department of Defence or the VA lie to my Congressman, Mr Whitfield, that VA  211A Training Letter 10-3 did NOT exist even though I provided a copy to them! They then denied my claim. I assure you that I will establish a large contingent of Veterans and retired personnel to ensure that ALL inquires are pursued vigorously and the results are FAIR to our Veterans and ALL others in their dealing with the government!


  1.  As a Ranger and Special Forces soldier in the 1970’s and 1980’s, it was a well spread belief in these circles that we left up to 500 troops back in South East Asia.  I will use my position as Congressman to demand/shame/beg those involved in gathering of the information presented to the Senate Select Committee on POW/MIA’s and John Fn Kerry and John McCain accountable if need be.  YOU are NOT FORGOTTEN!


  1.  Social Security claims should be streamlined and assistance to those who PAID into it should be emphasied and ALL payments to those who do NOT should be stopped.  My third claim was rejected because I was too young, 61 and 11 months and was NOT going to die in a year even though I have a total of separately added up VA disablity percentages of 290%, none of it a crazy %,  resulting in a 100% VA disabilty, most of it due to an extremely botched operation by an Army OJT Surgeon. I had a favorible decision on my fourth and final appeal.


Doctors should not be sued for malpractice.  To err is human, if they make more than their fair share of mistakes then they should removed from active practice and placed on medical review boards.  If they criminally err then they should be prosecuted accordingly. This would significantly lower medical costs by reducing unnecessary expensive test and settlement costs.  Just expedite SS Disability claims so most people who work their entire life recieve their benifits before they die!


  1.  I have read the Kentucky New Era Obituaries for the last 21 years.  I find it hard to believe that the average age of death is around 77 years old.  So many 40s, 50s and 60’s people are dying. I will establish a volunteer working group to track the average age of death and cause of death in each zip code in the 1st US Kentucky District and attempt to identify causes that excede national averages which may be killing our friends and families.  Since I wrote this I read an article stating that Kentucky had a rate of cancer deaths almost 3 times as high as the lowest state and significantly higher than the 2nd most deadliest state in the Union for Cancer. WHY?


  1.   I believe the rapid developement of our girls and the escalating rates of breast cancer in younger and younger women have identifiable causes.  I believe the GMO crops which make bugs spit them out or kill them and herbicides which enhance plant growth most likely have long term health issues.  I believe the rapid increase in Americans weight’s have something due to the processed foods we eat and the addition of HFCS in practically ALL prepared foods.  To be truthful, I do NOT know. I do believe that this area needs research in much more depth!


As a side note I would increase the school day and make Physical Training mandatory like it was back in the day.  Instead of cutting back the food and feeding the students the garbage that the students claim they are getting due to Mrs Obama, increase the amount of PT students do in the day.  Get them off their rears and moving. How hard is that? In addition, it would help working couples and single parents with the supervision of their children.


  1.  I was asked to include weather modification.  The Russians and the Chinese have both admitted to weather modification .  Investigate Chemtrails, Cloud seeding, Geoengineering, Climate Modification, Solar Radiation Management, Weather Warfare, whatever; and publize the agents adverse medical and environmental effects used for the cloud seeding and HAARP weather control measures involved.


  1.  As for Global Warming/Climate Change, is it true Al Gore and BP had a major business investment in the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX)?  If so THEY shoud be indicted for Racketeering! If the goal of the Liberals is to reduce world population to 500 Million or whatever, why are they importing millions of third worlders into the West, greatly increasing the stress on our outdated infrastructure and creating significantly more polution in the USA.  Do we really need more poor people when we have 93+ million Americans of working age NOT working?


Instead of the US government paying for the murder of Millons of babies around the world, why not invest more into assisting in sterilizations of parents with 2 children or more in the third world or populations that can NOT feed themselves.  I spent a year flying in Afghanistan watching the local people denude every piece of grass with goats up to 8000 feet in elevation and then watch the women carry sticks in bed spreads on their heads up those same mountains picking up ever stick and weed the goats would not eat, to boil their water so as not to catch any sort of dysentery.  These same mountain ranges I observed this at were mountain forests in the 1970’s National Geographics. Many mountains now are actually bronze color due to the copper in the mountains and the lack of vegetation. In Iraq, shepards would herd 30 to 50 goats in the middle of the desert, NO IDEA what they, or the goats ate or drank!


  1.  The powers to be are doing ALL they can to divide us into small groups based on race, sex, religion/or lack of it, sexual orientation, wealth, what have you.  It is the simple divide and conquer/control principle. Britian created, consolidated and ruled her Empire, controlling about one fourth of the world’s population, for the majority of the 19th Century with only 85 to 125 thousand British troops.


How did she do it?  Britian mastered the techniques of using the current divisions, magnifying them and consolidating these diverse groups against the most powerful group/tribe, what-have -you, makin them an offer the largest group “Could Not Refuse”.  Do you believe the ELITEs have the best interest of the regular people in the USA or even the world at heart?


We must ALL come toghether, White, Black Brown, Red, Yellow , Green (Kelly, KY) and even the Blue people which I read are in KY but I have never seen, and work toghether to make America self sufficient, prosperous for the worker once again and free from the Trans National Global BANKSTER Elites who wish to destroy us and rule over their Satanic New World Order.


  1.  I will use the full power of being a US Congressman to initiate Congressional Inquires into various subjects that affect our current evets using volunteers to feed our office into areas/subjects which need explored.  The first will be the JFK assasination. I fully believe one, if NOT all, of the following were involved; International Global Bankster Elites, The Agency, Mafia, LBJ, and who knows who else. President Clinton stated he would open ALL files on the JFK assasination and the UFO files.  He released neither! As a old Green Beret, I will do ALL I can to bring to light, and hopefully Justice, the murderors organizations responsible for the assasination of our Patron Saint of Special Forces, JFK. De Oppresso Libre!


  1.  Other areas I plan to investigate are Senate Select Committee on POW/MIAs, Larry McDonald/KAL 007, Tower #7/Operation Able Danger/Short sells of American and United Airlines, BANKSTER influences and the graft involved in Congress and the Executive and Judicuary Branch, The dismantling of our industrial and manufactoring base as well as the present destruction of our domestic energy production and many other subjects.


  1.  I WILL fight for ALL Americans and do ALL I can to place America and AMERICANS FIRST.  The middle class is being eradicated on purpose so the Globalist can turn America into just another 3rd world hole in their Global NWO.  I will fight it to the DEATH!


Get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.  Saudi Arabia, Head of the Human Rights Commision. How much more rediculous can it get?   Turn the NYC UN Headquaters into a Homeless shelter!


Stop borrowing money from Red China to give to other countries as foreign aid.  I have even read we borrow money from the Chi-Coms to give it back to the Chi-Coms as foreign aid.  Can you make this up!


  1.  I was glad to read my newly elected 8th Kentucky House District Representative, Democrat Jeff “Pitbull” Taylor stated he started his campaign off with a prayer and was ending it with a prayer.  I saw nothing in his statements in the New Era about confronting the removal of Prayer from our schools and government, the government funding of the murder of the unborn and even the born children having their organs removed and sold, or even the fighting of MEN who sexually identify with women, using the girls showers and rest rooms.  How much more disgusting and anti G-d can we get.


Then he states the icing on the cake is his phone message he recieved from President Obama in the final days of the campaign.  This same president has done nothing, some even say assists the Islamic Extremist in murdering 50 to 100 BLACK and BROWN Christians a day  in the Middle East and Africa and paints the White House in GAY Rainbow colors. To add to this he brings in thousands of unvented Muslims into the USA at a great cost while deporting hundreds of Christians who are fully funded by charities back to the ME where they risk death.


I pray the “Pitbull” stands up to the Donkey and fights Evil and Speaks Truth to Power as the ancient Martyrs of the Roman  Theban Legion! Evil always triumps when good people do nothing. Good luck “Pitbull”!


As a second thought, as one who got a Masters and 6 doctoral credits on the US and US Steel dime, what good is more money that the “Pitbull” wants for education when a large percentage of STEM graduates can not find work because AMERICAN firms are flooding the USA with H1B Visa’s for the jobs THEY do not off shore?  Supposedly there is LESS American born workers working today than 7 years ago and 7 million MORE people born in other countries working today in America than 7 years ago. 93+ MILLION Americans of working age NOT working is just wrong. Both parties support flooding the USA with low skill and skilled workers. This is so wrong!  America for Americans FIRST!


.                                                                   Many MORE Points and Declarations to come!


If you have points you wish me to add or consider, positive or negative, please add them to the next section under Comments or TEXT   (270) 484-7722 or email kentuckychief@hotmail.com.


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