We Are Accepting Guest Posts

There is a war on journalism, we need your voice and observation to help us to know whats really going on.

If you are a frequent visitor, you should know what kind of topics we are covering.


  • Not promotional. If you need a sponsored post, you must stated. If it is promotional as a sponsored post and you try to pretend its not, you will get blacklisted permanently.
  • You should submit the article in the email without asking in advance. For guest post, you don’t need permission for submission.
  • You should be notified with a reply that has a live link in it once you post is live.
  • Don’t get discourage if the post is not live, sometimes it is due to the post is duplicated, it possess some potential legal issue, or picture is copyrighted.
  • Please use the article’s headline as the email headline or the system will label it as spam.
  • Use your nickname for your own protection.
  • There will be disclaimer at the bottom of the post.
  • Make sure the picture you are submitting along with article is copyright free or within a tweet/video.

Submit your post here.

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