James Wolfe Being A National Security Risk Overrides Reporter/Source Privilege.

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by Ruby Henley

There is no question in my mind that the Department of Justice was absolutely justified in looking into reporter, Ali Watkins’s electronic records.  Why do I say this?

Due to her intimate relationship with government official James Wolfe, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s Director of Security from May 1987 to December 2017, her records became a matter of National Security.  The fact that Wolfe lied to the FBI proves this.

James Wolfe’s first allegiance was to the United States.  He took an oath to safeguard classified and top secret material.  On a daily basis he had access to the most critical intelligence provided to the Committee by the Executive Branch of the United States Government.

The Executive Branch was obligated to share material with the Committee pertaining to a counterintelligence investigation on Carter Page.  Strangely soon after, Ms. Watkins revealed that information to the public.

When the subpoena was issued to Mr. Page demanding his appearance before the Committee, that became public, too.  But how?

You know what they say about it being a small world?  It is getting smaller and smaller all the time. The FBI had captured pictures of Wolfe and Watkins together.  That prompted an investigation, and why would it not?

Wolfe lied and lied again.  He thought he could get away with his cozy meetings and intimate conversations with Watkins over a four year-time period.

Wolfe was questioned on December 15, 2017, and he flat-out denied having a relationship with Watkins. When the pictures were laid before him, he had no choice but to confess.  He revealed a four-year romantic relationship with the reporter – but, shockingly, he still denied he was her source for the information on Page.

Another shocker was Wolfe also lied about having contact and being a source for two other reporters.  This is an outrage. Possibly since Hillary Clinton was never held accountable for her breach of trust, Wolfe thought he could get away with the same.  One falls, and then they all fall.

If you read Wolfe’s indictment you will be shocked to find Wolfe had a habit of touching base with reporters in clandestine locations.  He took particular care with his messaging during communicating sensitive information with the press.

Honestly it appears Wolfe was a man with a mission – to betray the Country he had taken an oath to protect and serve.  This is getting to be a familiar story that We The People have grown tired of hearing.


Here is the BUZZFEED article by Ali Watkins –


Here is the Wolfe indictment – int.nyt.com/data/documenthelper/-wolfe-james-indictment-june-2018/2070aa7c6188a1042901/optimized/full.pdf#page=1


Here is the official press statement by Government Accountability Project – www.whistleblower.org/press/press-statement-gap-comments-concerns-whistleblower-safety-and-freedom-press-light-james-wolfe

Press Statement: GAP Comments on Concerns With Whistleblower Safety and Freedom of the Press in Light of the James A. Wolfe Investigation

June 08, 2018]


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WASHINGTON – ­Today, the Government Accountability Project (GAP) is sharing its serious concerns over the effect of the Executive Branch’s investigation into alleged leaks by Legislative Branch staffer James Wolfe to a number of journalists, and the potentially negative impact the investigation will have on both whistleblowers and a free press.

James A. Wolfe, the former Security Director for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) aide, who was arrested this week in an investigation on “leaks” to multiple reporters, may have been privy to whistleblower disclosures made under the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act of 1998, which allows Intelligence Community whistleblowers who face inaction from internal intelligence watchdogs and agency-heads to share information with and appear before the congressional intelligence committees’ members and staffers; these whistleblowers assist SSCI in overseeing the Executive Branch.

By granting Executive Branch investigators full access to these disclosures during the course of their leak investigation, SSCI may open whistleblowers to retaliation if their disclosures are circulated across the Intelligence Community. We do not know whether the information and identities of whistleblowers taken to SSCI have been compromised by law enforcement.

“Any disclosures shared with SSCI were in confidence, and intended to assist their oversight over the Intelligence Community. We are concerned that the content of these disclosures, during the investigation into Mr. Wolfe, may be collected by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and referred to the whistleblowers’ agency of origin,” said GAP’s Executive Director Louis Clark. “Violating whistleblowers’ confidentiality through the course of a leak investigation would be an incorrigible threat to Intelligence Community oversight, chilling potential whistleblowers from approaching the congressional intelligence committees, and damaging active congressional investigations. This would be an irreversible blow to the division of powers.”

The leak investigation itself is also problematic. As GAP noted in a Washington Post op-ed, the DOJ is targeting civil society’s transparency and good-governance requests in the course of their leak investigations. Attorney General Jeff Sessions bragged that his department was conducting three times as many leak investigations as his predecessor.

These increasingly aggressive leak investigations do not serve to stop the unlawful dissemination of classified information, but rather threaten would-be whistleblowers who wish to reveal serious abuses of power and illegality. These leak investigations will have the effect of chilling whistleblowers from even approaching the congressional intelligence committees. If whistleblowers approach an overseer outside the Executive Branch, then nothing is to stop the Executive Branch from investigating the whistleblower.

Compounding matters, the leak investigations do not only target the whistleblowers and congressional overseers.

“Reporters exercising their First Amendment rights have been vilified as conduits and co-conspirators who cause catastrophic damage to our national security. This depiction could not be farther from the truth,” stated Clark. “The media play an active role in pressuring the government for accountability, whether by advancing whistleblowers’ cases or exposing serious wrongdoing and corruption. Targeting journalists’ work and sources through federal investigations is another battle in the war against free speech and oversight that the American people cannot afford to lose.”

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Contact: Louis Clark, GAP CEO

Email: Louisc@whistleblower.org

Phone: 202-457-0034

Government Accountability Project

The Government Accountability Project is the nation’s leading whistleblower protection organization. Through litigating whistleblower cases, publicizing concerns and developing legal reforms, GAP’s mission is to protect the public interest by promoting government and corporate accountability. Founded in 1977, GAP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization based in Washington, D.C.


I want to conclude by saying I understand what GAP is stating, BUT where does one draw the line?

  1. No person should take an oath to protect and serve their Country without being ready to uphold that oath.
  2. Hillary Clinton was never held responsible for her own breach of trust to the United States of America.  She revealed names of certain Intelligence individuals on an unsecured home server – therefore, betraying their own trust in this Country.  She committed treason but was excused – this cannot be allowed to become a pattern.
  3. If James Wolfe is allowed to go uncharged as was Hillary Clinton, the battle to restore the Judicial System in this Country is lost.
  4. Each reporter has a personal and moral responsibility to consider the repercussions that will occur as their article meets the light of day.
  5. The First Amendment or freedom of speech is a God-given right – a birth-right – nevertheless, just as each and every right one has, there is a moral responsibility which accompanies that right.
  6. In the case of James A. Wolfe, he had no right to leak highly sensitive information becoming a National security risk to his own Country which he swore to protect and serve.
  7. He had no right to lie to the FBI to protect his clandestine activities taking place with a questionable source.   Did he leak this information to Watkins to acquire sexual favors from her?
  8. A whistleblower?  Was Hillary Clinton a whistleblower?

Many of you are going to disagree with me.  However, the positions held by the individuals in question came with the highest degree of responsibility to the United States of America and to the public.  Contracts were signed by both individuals in their spoken professions. Both professions and the information afforded to them by said professions make this an extraordinary case.


Published on Jun 8, 2018

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