Jeffrey Epstein Mystery DEEPENS! – The LATEST News You Need To Know!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the latest news to come out regarding the alleged death and alleged “suicide” of criminal financier Jeffrey Epstein as countless people come out against the official narrative saying that the claims simply do not add up.
The vast majority of people seem to think there’s something fishy happening and considering Epstein was about to potentially testify in the next few months, the idea of him hanging himself raises some serious questions.
Attorney General Barr called for an investigation. The FBI has raided Epstein’s island though many are concerned that they may destroy evidence under the guise of looking for evidence as many have accused Epstein of working for the FBI or perhaps an even more elite intelligence racket. Of course, Acosta during the Trump transition team meetings claimed that he was told to back off of Epstein as he was an intelligence agent.
Epstein’s autopsy was inconclusive and there were unusual people spotted at the prison who were “not proper guards” leading up to his death. Epstein claimed someone tried to kill him following the July 24th suicide “attempt.”
Interestingly, with ties to the Clintons, Trumps and dozens of other powerful families, the theories surrounding this case will never disappear.
The established plan from here onward is that the investigation will continue, but will the establishment allow us to know the truth about the case? Is it strange that it’s being reported on so heavily right now? And how long until they cover the story up with a new major news event?
We cannot allow this conversation to end.



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