Jill Stein on MSNBC Calling Out The Political Establishment Concerning Russia Hysteria

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In this clip Jill Stein is asked to comment on the Mueller indictment and whether or not she was aware of Russians sharing her campaign ads. She responds by citing there was one post on Facebook and maybe a couple of ads that have be shared, and that in relation to the trillions that are posted on FB it is a laughable point. Podesta is then shown arguing that in key states the margin would have been enough to help Clinton win. Stein right away pointed out that this assumes that her votes belonged to Clinton and that this is offensive to American voters. She criticizes the billions of free air time Trump received during the campaign and points out what is obvious to many of us. This has been a campaign by both the Republicans and Democrats to deal with the crisis that they experienced in the last election, with the sound rejection of the neo-liberal consensus. It is a campaign that will be used to censor voices that are critical of that establishment.

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