Jimmy Dore: Democrats Rig the Primaries, AOC Defends Party & Ignores Voter Suppression

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This is about exit polls and the Dem primary. AOC being called out as a fraud too. Election Integrity, the Fed, and false flags are the biggest conspiracies that I know of.

Dear Bernie Sanders: Your campaign should immediately file a federal lawsuit seeking court intervention, investigation and oversight of the 2020 Democratic primary

Dear Bernie Sanders: Are you aware of the fact sufficient evidence exists to substantiate a valid claim of election fraud occurring against your campaign specifically, drastically reducing your campaign’s final election results in those states where the unadjusted exit polling data was at very high unacceptable levels of variance with the actual final election count?

In this 2020 Democratic Primary massive election fraud has already occurred in nearly each state thus far, and will most likely continue throughout the remainder of the primary. How do we know this? Because of exit polling discrepancies, that’s how.

A federal lawsuit should be filed immediately in each state where the final election results are at great variance with the exit polling data.

But what about right now, before the next set of states? Bernie should seek court-ordered paper ballots for each of the remaining states, if the court finds evidence election fraud may have occurred in the previous states. There’s no need to rush this primary but damn good reason to seek an election free of criminals manipulating and cheating the American voter out of their vote. We need paper ballots now and court-ordered independent election monitors to observe, record and deter election interference and fraud.

The evidence shows large, unacceptable levels of election negligence/fraud in voting machine operation (vote flipping) chain-of-custody issues regarding thumbdrives and other devices/methods used to transmit machine tabulations and large exit polling data variance from the final election results, drastically reducing Bernie Sanders final election results in those states where such great variance took place. Such great variance is not coincidence, but evidence of election fraud.

I believe a voter has a constitutional right to free and fair elections. I believe sufficient evidence exists to substantiate a legitimate cause of action in a U.S. District court lawsuit seeking justice in this primary – which means seeking our constitutional right to a free and fair election in this 2020 Democratic primary.

The Bernie Sanders campaign (or We the People) should file a federal lawsuit in each defective state to seek justice and fair results in this 2020 Democrat primary election. What would justice look like? A U.S. District court judge could institute court oversight of a court investigation of election fraud claims and make findings of fact subsequent to the court appointing independent investigators to inspect all election materials, devices, documents, ballots, tabulations, software etc. and reach some final conclusions which could result in the court adjusting the final election results or ordering a new election to be held again.

The court could direct a federal agency to interview all witnesses and election officials and workers involved in the processing of votes in those states, including Democrat Party officials state and national.

Here’s some of the evidence substantiating such a claim in a federal lawsuit:

Exit Polling Discrepancies

The evidence indicates the final election results do not match the exit polling data. A variance of 1-3% in the exit polling data has been deemed normal and acceptable for decades, worldwide and nationally. In this 2020 Democratic primary the exit polling variance is upwards of 3%, 8% and much higher depending upon which state.

The evidence exists proving election fraud occurred in Super Tuesday’s elections and the first four states:

More evidence of DNC rigged voting machines in SC, just like the 2016 primary and presidential elections in which Sanders and Trump were cheated.

Probability of Fraud= 99.2%
Prob=normdist (EP, RS, MoE/1.96, true)
RS = Biden recorded vote share
EP = Biden exit poll share
MoE = margin of error

Biden RS…. EP……Diff….MoE…Prob Fraud
SC… 48.4% 44.7% 3.7% 3.0%… 99.2%


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