Joe Rogan Tests Positive for Covid

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by Chris Black

Joe Rogan is a burnout talk show host, a glorified normie who became famous on YouTube then sold his soul to Spotify for something like 100 million dollars. Spotify already started censoring his podcasts, but that doesn’t matter, because Joe tested positive for covid, acted like it was a big deal, to stay relevant, and then “recovered” quickly.

It’s all for show, covid-19 propaganda if you ask me.

Anyway, last year, Rogan had Elon Musk on his show, and he told him that covid-19 is not a big deal. They had fun, smoked weed and went so far as to almost say “it’s just the flu bro”.

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Which is actually true, but you’re not allowed to say that on mainstream podcasts, or your corporate overlords will burn your soul even more.

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