John Rubino – Mass Layoffs Coming One Way or Another. 2021 A Year of Mass Bankruptcy

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Financial writer John Rubino says expect mass layoffs of city and state workers as deficits explode and tax income plunges. Rubino explains, ““If they can’t pay their bills, they can’t pay their bills. If it can’t happen, it won’t happen. So, you get effective bankruptcy via defaults for a lot of these places. That means massive layoffs of city and state workers and turmoil in the bond market. That kind of thing alone is enough to send the U.S. back into recession assuming we are out of recession when it happens. If you combine this with all the other stuff that will be going on, it is going to be one of those perfect storm scenarios where everywhere you look, somebody is in trouble and demanding a federal bailout. . . . The federal government has a printing press. They can bail out Illinois mismanagement and Chicago mismanagement and basically bail out the politicians who did all of these things. This will come at the cost of the financial markets in general and the currency markets in particular. When they see trillions of dollars in bailouts here and trillions of bailouts there, they will conclude maybe you don’t want to hold the currency of the country that is doing this. Then the U.S. starts looking a lot like Illinois does now, not AAA credit and that is when the debt spiral starts. This causes people to lose faith in the currency, and then it’s game over. . . . There are mass layoffs coming one way or another. It’s just a question of who gets laid off.”


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