Operation Dark Winter starting in Philadelphia NOW! Media hinting Philly is ground zero and the epicenter of election chaos

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Listen to the first 10 minutes of this podcast it will outline why Philadelphia is important!

Operation Dark Winter = 9/11 2.0 this time using bioterrorism (COVID?) in order to seed chaos into the minds of the US citizens right before election day!


National Guard Responds As 1000s Of Looters Ransack Philly In 2nd Night Of Chaos; Reporter Brutalized By “BLM Rioters”

After 30 officers were wounded on Monday evening, including one who remains hospitalized with a broken leg after being hit by a truck, thousands of looters massed in downtown Philadelphia on Tuesday for a second night of chaos, where entire big box department stores were emptied of merchandise, while officers were attacked and at least one reporter was badly beaten.

Fewer police were injured on Tuesday, possibly due to the fact that they gave the worst of the rioters a wide berth, at one point reporting that there were several thousand people in the afflicted area of West Philadelphia, looting stores and carrying off everything from food to big-screen TVs.

Walmart looting aftermath (Philadelphia)

SWING STATE: 30 Officers Injured in Anti-Police Protests in Philadelphia.

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