JON GABRIEL: Who needs a right-wing plot when progressives are busy eating themselves alive?

In [Ryan] Grim’s [Intercept] piece, one senior progressive congressional staffer (anonymous, of course) couldn’t hide his frustration. “There are wins to be had between now and the next couple months that could change the country forever, and folks are focused on stuff that has no theory of change for even getting to the House floor for a vote.”

“I’m not saying it’s a right-wing plot,” another executive chimed in, “because we are incredibly good at doing ourselves in, but – if you tried – you couldn’t conceive of a better right-wing plot to paralyze progressive leaders.”

The midterms are less than five months away and Democrats have a lot of ground to make up. But progressives are too busy rolling tumbrels through their cubicles and admiring their own tails.

If November goes as expected, the left won’t need to worry about new legislation distracting them from their main job: eating themselves alive.

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