Journalism Is Riddled With Bias, Errors, Narrative Setting and Pack Reporting.

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Barely a day passes anymore without one or more major corporate news outlets exposing their liberal bias.

What it really amounts to is the desire of news organizations to find facts to fit patterns they already have in mind.

Stressors do not relieve journalists of the burden to be accurate as well, and too often they fail in that responsibility.

Barely a day passes anymore without one or more major corporate news outlets exposing their liberal bias, sometimes by how they frame stories, sometimes by the massive errors they commit, and sometimes by the mistakes they make in groups. In recent weeks there have been a series of glaring examples in which members of the mainstream press have not exactly covered themselves in journalistic glory, and they extend a pattern in journalism that is disturbing.

In the Dallas suburb of Southlake this week, local elections made national news largely because of controversial left-wing attempts to impose critical race theory on public school students. While sounding benign on its face, critical race theory in schools is actually the indoctrination of children with the notion that people are either oppressed or oppressors, depending on the color of their skin.

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UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media recently announced a heralded addition to their faculty. Nikole Hannah-Jones has agreed to accept a Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism in July.

According to a press release issued by the school, Hannah-Jones is a “Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and MacArthur Fellowship “Genius Grant” recipient who covers civil rights and racial injustice for The New York Times Magazine and was just elected to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.”

And that just begins her list of “achievements.” The press release continues:

Among her national honors are the National Association of Black Journalists’ Journalist of the Year award in 2015; Peabody and Polk Awards for radio reporting in 2016; the Hillman Prize for magazine reporting and the National Magazine Award in 2017 and again in 2020…The Society of American Historians welcomed the esteemed journalist as a Fellow in 2020. She was inducted to the NC Media & Journalism Hall of Fame April 9, 2021.

Great Mencken’s Ghost! Has there ever been a pundit so supremely qualified to teach journalism as Hannah-Jones? Such an acclaimed hiring can mean a lot to a university department or school. Its national reputation may rise—possibly influencing its national ranking. And her position is fully funded by the Knight Foundation—with the possibility that her presence will attract other donations in the future.

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