Share of US Wealth by Generation

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by chartr

At some point this year the youngest member of the Millennial generation (born in 1996 per most definitions) will celebrate their 25th birthday.
According to data from the US Federal Reserve, Millennials currrently own about 5% of all US household wealth.

When the youngest member of Gen X turned 25 (in 2005) that cohort already had a 9% share of all US household wealth — almost double what the Millennial generation has accrued.

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When the youngest Baby Boomer turned 25 (which was in 1989), the Baby Boomer generation had already amassed more than 21% of all US household wealth.
In relative terms, Millennials are the poorest generation for quite a while. Wrote about this in my newsletter and thought Reddit would like it (or at least argue over it if nothing else).

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Source: US Federal Reserve

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