They’re More Trump-focused: FBI’s ‘Basic Errors’ are Systemic…. JACOB SULLUM: The Problems Revealed By The DOJ Inspector General Go Far Beyond “Errors” And “Sloppiness.”

Horowitz Examining Past FISA Applications to Determine if FBI’s ‘Basic Errors’ are Systemic. Reminder: FBI/DOJ: —Spied on Trump campaign —Found exculpatory evidence from own spies, ignored it —Sought FISA based … Read more

Snopes claims Ben Carson's team didn't discover $500 billion in accounting errors at HUD. Reason: The money is already all gone so finding the errors doesn't matter and the idea is FALSE.

CLAIM HUD director Ben Carson found more than $500 billion in accounting errors at the federal agency. FALSE BECAUSE The audit was initiated before Ben Carson assumed his position at … Read more