JOURNALISM: Stanford Daily forced to defend itself against accusations of leftist bias after internal document leaked.

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via thecollegefix:

The Stanford College Republicans published two screenshots they argue proves The Stanford Daily is a “leftist propaganda outlet masquerading as an impartial news source.” The screenshots are of a platform written by a candidate running for the position of editor in chief of the student paper.

The post also included two screenshots of a candidate’s platform for editor in chief. The screenshots of the platform show the candidate, a current staff member of the paper, calling on the publication to embrace outright that it is a leftist publication, a viewpoint that already “permeates throughout the paper.”

“Shirking away from this or pretending that we offer truly unbiased reporting is not only intellectually dishonest, but also hinders us from pursuing the topics and ideas that matter and can make a difference,” the candidate wrote.

Well, the honesty is refreshing, I guess. But it’s just more of the usual lefty entryism.

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