Judge William Orrick is a Disgrace to America

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

Life continues to prove that so called authority figures are not always as intelligent and wise as people would like to believe. This unfortunate truth reared its ugly head once again when a California judge made the foolish decision to block President Trump’s movements and withhold funds from cities that refuse to cooperate with law enforcement officers. William Orrick, thought it wise to issue an injunction that would halt the President’s administration from eliminating financial aid to sanctuary cities that are aiding and abetting criminals, therefore hindering federal immigration enforcement from doing their jobs. Such an act is disgraceful and unpatriotic.

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Sanctuary cities are an abomination to this country. They are cesspools areas which wrongfully harbor illegal aliens and derail law enforcement officers. Illegals are innately parasitic, costing taxpayers billions of dollars on an annual basis. Imagine the good use those funds could be put to, if not for illegal immigrants. Those billions of dollars could be used to lower America’s national debt, fix our inner cities, etc. Cities that intentionally harbor and enable criminals, while contributing to the detriment of this country should not receive any funding from the government whatsoever.

Further research into Judge Orrick reveals his ties to former President Obama and his massive donations of $30,000 to groups that supported him. This detail explains Orrick’s decision to block the movements of the current President. It is a shame that Orrick lacked the decency to put the best interests of the country ahead of his own political agenda. However, elitists don’t care about the damage that illegal immigrants afflict on this nation because they are not affected by it. Hard working Americans are deeply plighted by illegal immigrants and as long as judges like Orrick are in power, everyone, especially the middle class, will continue to suffer.

4 thoughts on “Judge William Orrick is a Disgrace to America

  1. These appeals can’t get to the Supreme Court fast enough. Its fairly obvious what’s going on at this point. Liberals are judge shopping looking for the most liberal judges to invent law out of thin air! Its also a way of effectively jabbing a sharp stick into the eye of the administration. I’m tired of this obstruction! If I were Trump I’d flood both San Francisco and Santa Clara County with so many ICE agents they’d block the sun!

  2. Gabrielle, you don’t get it. These activist judges were “placed” there on purpose by those who are trying to destroy America; that is part of their plan. This is not just a judge allowing his politics to interfere. This is a judge who’s primary purpose is to do the bidding of the NWO.

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