Judicial Tyranny: Supreme Court Keeps the Dreamers!

By Chris Black

The Supreme Court of the United States just told President Trump: you’ll have to keep the DREAMERs. The thing is, on Monday, the Supreme Court delivered a stunning ruling, which makes for a serious setback when it comes to the issue of the DREAMERs, the DACA recipients, to whom, as you know, President Trump put a deadline o March 5th: either you (the Congress) get a deal for DACA recipients, of, after that, they’re eligible for deportation, as they lose all the protections that were given to them by Barack Hussein Obama.
The Supreme Court essentially said on Monday: not so fast, Mr. President, as Trump had directly appealed a lower court ruling from a San Francisco judge, one of those judicial supremacists, a liberal activist on the court, that actually told the POTUS: you don’t have the right to end or terminate the DACA program created by Obama via an executive order.
Trump tried to appeal this to the Supremes, and he basically said: look, I don’t want to go through all the appeals court processes, as it will take forever, and DACA will just get stuck in the courts; basically, President Trump wanted a direct appeal through the Supreme Court, he went to them, and they told him: we will not take the case. Let the appeals court handle it, and, after a while, after it goes through the appeal court process, you want to appeal that down the road, who knows, maybe, maybe not, we will listen to the case.
What the Supreme Court has done is that it deferred to the lower court liberal judge, which means that because of the ruling of one activist judge in San Francisco, DACA cannot be repealed. Translated into layman’s terms, we’re now living through the beginning of a judicial tyranny. To make a long story short, you have a program that protects from deportation 700,000+ illegal aliens (who came here as minors, some of them brought by their illegal alien parents) and also gives them automatically renewable work permits every 2 years. DACA is a program created by executive order by Obama, a program that is arbitrary, illegal and clearly unconstitutional. The President cannot make immigration law, only Congress can. But even if you think DACA was legal/constitutional, it’s just an executive order, so by definition, because it wasn’t passed by the US Congress, i.e. it’s an administrative executive order, the POTUS has full power and prerogative to repeal it. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.
My question to you is this: how comes President Trump does not have the right to repeal an executive order issued by former President Obama? The judicial branch, more precisely this leftist judge in San Francisco, is now usurping the entire authority of the POTUS. More than that, what this judge is saying is: you don’t control immigration policy, President Trump, nor does Congress. I control it, and I dictate immigration laws for this country, because my personal opinion is: I like DACA , so, it’s too bad for you Mr. Trump. You cannot repeal, eliminate or abolish DACA, because I say so.
This judge is clearly out of control, exceeding his power, authority and his jurisdiction. If one unelected judge wearing a black robe can randomly dictate what the public policy or law should be, why even have a President? Why even have Congress? Why even have elections? What’s the point?
This is what is slowly destroying the country: we no longer have judges who are there to interpret the Constitution, but we have judges who are there to legislate from the bench. People who think their job is to write law. Buddy, if you want to write a law, run for office, get elected, and then you can knock yourself out. That’s not your job from the bench. And these liberal activist judges are given immunity for their actions, as they have a lifetime tenure, a lifetime appointment. And so now, the POTUS’ hands have been tied, the March 5th deadline means nothing, and DACA must stand for at least several more months if not years as this things winds through the courts. And that means whatever leverage Trump had over Congress to make a deal about DACA, it’s gone baby gone. So the legislators can now dither about DACA, kick the can down the road, wait till after the midterms (I believe that was the goal of the ruling the whole time) and maybe, the DEMs can regain the House or the Senate, and then they can pass what the San Fran judge obviously wants, a full amnesty for all of the DREAMERs. No wall, no end to legal immigration, no end to chain migration, i.e. everything that Trump was asking for in return for solving the DACA issue. What we have now done is we are now empowering judges to essentially assert their political will over us, the American people and over the voters. This is a very dangerous assault upon the pillars of our democracy and our constitutional republic. Once you start allowing individuals who claim to have authority to override the democratic process to neutralize the ability of the Congress and the President to do their job as elected representatives, we don’t have a Republic anymore. What he have is essentially a form of judicial tyranny.