Judicial Watch: Bill Gates’ foundation has helped the Chinese Communist government in various ways

Gates Foundation helped ‘raise China’s voice of governance’ in Africa, emails show

The foundation helped grease the skids for Chinese-produced medications.

“More specifically, it helps Chinese companies to gain pre-qualification on medications so that Chinese company manufactured drugs can be sold outside China, helps the Chinese to establish bilateral collaboration with specific countries in Africa, teaches the Chinese how to do resource mobilization, and helps raise China’s voice of governance by placing representatives from China on important international counsels as high level commitment from China,” Chen wrote of the Gates Foundation.

“Just met with a group from the Global Virome Project (GVP) which is funded partially by USAID,” the NIAID representative added. “The head of the project, Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance, is an NIAID funded Pl [private investigator]. His collaborator at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China has done excellent work on corona viruses in Chinese bat populations.”

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In the wake of these revelations, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton demanded that the Gates Foundation “explain the government report about its assistance to and advocacy for China.”



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