Julian Assange has not committed any crime

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Julian Assange has not committed any crime.

Journalism and Publishing are NOT crimes. In fact they are specifically protected in the U.S. Constitution under the First Amendment as a prerequisite for a Free Society.
The fact that Madison and the Founding Fathers felt it necessary to include the protection of the Free Press in the First Amendment, and not say in the Sixth, shows just how important they deemed Free Speech and the Free Press to be.
Without knowledge, NO ONE is free and they can be easily manipulated by those with malevolent motives.

The only way that Assange would be guilty of a crime is for the US & UK governments to admit they operate Totalitarian systems of government, which are neither Free nor democratic. The fact that Assange has been illegally held in Arbitrary Detention for 7 years, contrary to International Law and UN rulings, means they have already admitted this.

A functional democracy (or Constitutional Republic) can only operate by means of a knowledgeable, well informed public – which is exactly what Julian Assange was trying to help accomplish with the publication of Wikileaks docs on the crimes, human rights abuses and corruption of the US, UK and other governments (and their senior politicians).

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Onlooker: “What have we got?”

Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic if you can keep it.”

Americans have been totally remiss and apathetic – so they have lost their Constitutional Republic. The Bill of Rights has been completely shredded, is routinely ignored, and is now just a worthless scrap of paper.

Any pretense at democracy has been destroyed with Big Money interests buying politicians and deciding elections.

America no longer has a Free Press (it is doubtful it ever did but it has got much worse over the last 40 years).
The mass media is owned and controlled by the same Big Money interests who have bought the politicians.
US media has been transformed from a huge number of independent news outlets operating in the 1970’s to a monopolistic system, by consolidating it into the ownership of a handful of Oligarchs and Major Corporations.
The same monopolistic system of media control by Big Money interests also operates in all other Western countries.

The BBC is owned and controlled by the UK government, which is owned and controlled by the Globalist Corporate Oligarchy – same as the US. The BBC is State Propaganda and fulfills exactly the same function as Stalin’s Pravda and Goebbels Ministry of Propaganda. It manages to deceive a higher percentage of the people in the UK than Stalin or Goebbels did in Russia or Germany, because most of the people in the UK still falsely believe they are “free”.
Maybe the Assange case, if we keep pushing it, will help wake more of them up?

I am sure that other people could produce similar charts, to the above, for the monopolistic system of media control in Canada, Australia and France etc.

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The realities of our political system:

A more UK Centric version of the political system we are currently subjected to and enslaved by:-

N.B. The Australian government have also proved they operate a non democratic Totalitarian State.
They have not protected the Free Press and have not demanded the release of their own citizen illegally detained in a foreign country, who has not committed any crime.
They have also proved to Australians that Australia is NOT a Sovereign Country and is a subservient vassal to the interests of the US Empire – Australian citizens do not matter at all.



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