June 1 update Ukraine fires its Human rights chief, Denisova. turns out she was lying about the Russian abuses she was reporting.

All the stories she told about RUssians raping Ukraine women and eating stray dogs was fake. Left egg on the face of Western Media that was repeating her fictional accounts.

At 11 minute mark

Here is a Newsweek article on same.


Sky News (Australia) gives an update on the war map

At the end, the Sky News Military analyst shows that the Ukraine military has been attacking hard toward the Southern (Russian held), town of Kherson, trying to flank it and cut it off.

4 Primary schools in Wales will be feeding the kids an Insect protein product called VeXo.

“The research is focused on kids, aged between 5 to 11, in primary school”

“The report added that the kids will be given a product called VeXo, which is a combination of insect and plant-based protein.

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The kids will learn the nutritional and environmental benefits of eating insects, such as crickets, grasshoppers, silkworms, locusts and mealworms.”

Alex also mentioned this in his “Clown World” at the end of the video above.

Well, Biden changed his mind. Sending HI-MARS rockets to Ukraine now.

Ukraine promised not to aim them into Russia.


Bear in mind this guy has been captured by Russia.

But still, he sounds pretty convincing.

Severodonetsk is now in Russian hands.

Nitric acid tank explodes.

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