Just a list of some of the taxes you pay in America. Did I forget any?

by NonThinkingPeeOn

Income tax, Property tax, Capital gains tax, Sales tax, Car tax(vehicle registration), Drive a car tax(drivers license), Vehicle insurance tax, Gasoline tax, Cross a bridge tax(Bridge tolls), Park on a street tax(parking meters), Cigarette tax, Liquor tax, Cannabis tax, Hunting tax(hunting license), Fishing tax(fishing license), Getting married tax(marriage license), Drink a soda tax (Sugary drinks tax), Travel out of country tax(passports), Fly on an airplane tax, Building anything tax(building permits, mandatory inspections, etc), Phone tax, Internet tax, Pet tax(animal license), Start a business tax(business license), And on….and on….and on

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In summary you’ll be forced to give no less than half of all your earnings away.

Keep being docile, obedient tax payers. Good goyim.