Just Globo-Homo Things, This Time in Ukraine of All Places

by Chris Black

Homos are so narcissistic that in the middle of a war all they care about is getting marriage rights.

“A petition in Ukraine calling for same-sex marriage to be legalised has gained enough signatures for the president to consider the proposal.The petition has more than 28,000 signatures, meaning President Volodymyr Zelensky now has 10 days to respond. Homosexuality is not illegal in Ukraine, but same-sex marriages and civil partnerships are not recognised.”

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No wonder the Globo Homo empire loves Zelensky.

But again, Ukraine doesn’t need Putin to save them from either “Nazis” or gays.

“A peculiar row has broken out in Kyiv over the role of one of Zelensky’s best-known advisers. Oleksiy Arestovych is a familiar figure in Ukraine and has developed a profile abroad, described as a ‘sex symbol’ by no less a source than the Economist. But when it comes to sex, he has some clear views. ‘LGBT people are deviant,’ he said on 19 June. ‘I sympathise with them, but I am against propaganda’. In Ukraine, many same-sex couples live in stable long-term relationships. But, as in Britain 30 years ago, they have no rights. They cannot get married or inherit their partner’s property, they have no right to alimony, cannot visit each other in medical institutions, and they can’t adopt and raise children together. Marriage is described in the Family Code of Ukraine as ‘union of a woman and a man’ – this wording leaves people of the same sex with no ability to get married and deprives them of many of the rights that heterosexual couples have.”


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