This is How You’re Going to End Up Eating the Bugs

by Chris Black

Real meat is simply going to be priced out of the range of low to middle class people. Remember what the WEF said? “In the future you’ll eat much less meat. It’ll be like an occasional treat.” This is how it’ll happen.

The food you will be able to afford will be prepackaged “foodlike substances” made with cricket flour. That’s how you’ll get your measly microdosis of protein. 

And to make sure “you’ll be happy” the media and public figures will tell you that your increasing levels of weakness, fatigue, brain fog, thinning hair, are a “good thing” and that you’re “saving the planet.”

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Think I’m wrong? Screenshot this and let’s revisit it in 5 years. 

Oh and by the way, there’s no stopping this train.

 Way too late now.


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