JW: The Left is CRAZED over Election Integrity… Allen West: Don’t Take Left’s Biased Trump Hysteria Seriously

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Judging by their past behavior of projecting their inequities on other as a means of deflection, the logical mind would want to investigate those loudest voices. Let’s start with DWS district (vs Tim Canova) and the illegal destruction of ballots only days after the election. No one was punished. No media coverage. No outrage from the left. No further investigation. The biggest threat is election fraud not voter fraud. Election fraud is seditious conspiracy to subvert the will of the voter.

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In the aftermath of the Helsinki summit between Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin the overly emotional, hyperbolic, and delusional rhetoric has been quite disconcerting.

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If you’re more outraged at Donald Trump tweeting at Iran than you were about Obama sending them buckets of cash and trying to help them skirt sanctions while lying to the American people about it, you might be a raging hypocrite.




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