Key reasons an Industry Should Invest in Mobile App Development

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Digitalization has brought a substantial technological disruption in the world, which has revolutionized human lives for good. The innovation of mobile app technology has been a significant contributor to boosting digitalization in human lives. Today mobile apps are helping people to meet every type of need; whether it’s paying bills, shopping, ordering groceries and food, or entertainment, there’s an app for almost everything. These days almost every industry has a mobile app representing their brand name and providing their services online. Mobile apps have helped industries a lot in thriving in the form of revenue as well as customer outreach and retention. According to Statista, the total revenue collected globally through mobile apps will reach 935.2 billion USD by 2023.

Mobile app technology has emerged as one of the most revolutionary technologies that have made human lives easier and luxurious in many ways. Any business that wants itself to be successful today needs a mobile app that helps it serve customers efficiently and helps the firm mark its online presence. Owing to this necessity, there are millions of apps on app download platforms like Google play store and Apple app store. Based on reports, there are 3.15 million apps available on the Google play store and 2.09 million on the Apple store. These numbers are evidence of the growing popularity of mobile app development and how vital it is for the growth of various industries. In this post, we will be talking about the key reasons an industry should invest in mobile app development. So, let’s move forward and learn more about the benefits of mobile app development for enterprises.

#1 Increasing audience outreach and engagement 

Mobile apps are the best way for an industry to increase audience outreach and engagement. They have emerged as the best marketing tools to promote the business and boost audience and engagement. Mobile apps help industries to extend their horizons and make their services accessible not just locally but globally. Going global helps the industry to maximize its audience outreach. Moreover, by applying the right marketing strategies such as email marketing and pop-ups on third-party apps, your company’s app can be promoted. Once people are diverted to your app by providing the right deals and better offers, customer engagement can be increased, and leads can be turned into sales. Audience outreach can also be increased by “refer and earn,” a marketing strategy highly employed in major apps nowadays. Once a user downloads the app, he can refer it to his friends to earn rewards, thus helping mobile apps attract more audiences.

#2 To provide better customer service

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Mobile apps provide an online platform for industries to display their goods and services and make them more accessible from anywhere. To provide better customer service and improve customer experience, industries must understand their customers and their needs. Businesses can learn about customer behavior, their shopping habits, the products they’re eying to purchase, and much more through mobile apps. This data can be further used to curate the best offers for customers on the products they are more likely to purchase based on their search history in the business’s mobile app. Also, by improving customer help center services using AI technology in chatbots, customer queries can be solved, thus improving customer experience. This way, learning about customer needs and helping them purchase the right products and solving their problems  improves customer experience.

#3 To gather feedback and reviews

Mobile apps can be effectively used for getting feedback and reviews from customers regarding a business’s products and services. This feedback and reviews can also be regarding the mobile app itself, considering its facilities and user experience. A provision of providing feedback and reviews must be added during mobile app development to allow users to share what they think about the products and services. Businesses can use this feedback to further improve their services by learning the things their customers don’t like and what they do like. Moreover, by addressing these concerns and improving the services, the customers can be made to feel valued, thus leading to customer loyalty and retention. App development service seekers must check the list of top mobile app development companies cataloged by GoodFirms to find the right service provider matching your needs.

#4 To improve revenue and boost sales

As we mentioned above, mobile apps act as the best tool to lure customers, improve customer experience and gather feedback and reviews. More audience outreach means a higher probability of leads turning into sales and thus higher revenue. By providing better customer service, the customer experience can be improved, leading to customer retention and more revenue. Customer loyalty can be boosted by listening to customer feedback and recommendations and making them feel heard, ultimately leading to customer retention. Moreover, mobile apps can help curate the right marketing strategies that can help turn the products sitting idly in the cart to ordered products, thus boosting sales and revenue. 

#5 Reliable payment options

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Mobile apps for industries like financial services, e-commerce, and other such services require customers to pay for the services rendered digitally or at the time of delivery. These payment gateways are very efficient, secure and offer multiple ways to make payments, including net banking, payment through wallets such as PayPal, card payments, and much more. Mobile app payment options also include cash payments for those with no provision to make digital payments. This way, mobile apps can ensure that customers are provided with flexible payment options to purchase the product and pay using any method they’re comfortable with.

#6 Locate stores easily

Businesses can integrate GPS and Map APIs in their brand apps to help customers willing to make physical purchases from stores to locate the nearest outlet. Moreover, with the help of the mentioned APIs, customers can navigate their route to these stores. The provision for locating the business outlet helps people easily find a way to the physical store, thus improving customer experience. All the leading business apps, such as banking apps, retail stores, pharmacy apps, etc., are adding this feature to help their customers find their physical store conveniently.

Wrapping up

Mobile app technology has emerged as a breakthrough technology that has made humans highly dependent on them. This has led many industries to invest in mobile app development to reap the benefits of this booming market. In this post, we discussed some of the key reasons an industry should invest in mobile apps these days. We gathered that mobile apps could act as the most effective marketing tool and help improve audience outreach and engagement. Moreover, mobile apps also help make goods and services accessible to all and improve customer service and hence experience. All of these factors directly contribute to boosting sales and revenue. Therefore industries should invest in mobile app development. 


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