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Soros will provide guidance and services to Facebook during the upcoming elections to stifle conservative voices and promote open borders, globalist, anti-American…
soros zuckerberg facebook elections censorship Later the same day that this article was originally posted, May 17th, 2018, under the title “SOROS TEAMS UP WITH FACEBOOK TO CENSOR ELECTION CONTENT,” I found myself locked out of my account for the third time in a month, supposedly once again in an effort to determine my identity – the passport copy I sent them two weeks ago hasn’t expired and nothing else has changed, it’s just harrassment, plain and simple. I’m a conservative, they would like nothing better than for my account to be hijacked, as long as it was a libtard behind it. Lacking any random thug targeting me, they decided to do it themselves.

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We’ve sent the documentation the link requests, just as the other times, without response. To paraphrase Redd Foxx, “It looks like this might be :…read=99530

Flashback 2013 – Marine arrested for Facebook posts sues government

Brandon Raub, a 26-year-old decorated Marine veteran, who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan was arrested and put into a psychiatric institution in August last year for some his Facebook posts. He was detained without charges and was ordered to spend up to 30 days in the psych ward — but, that court order was later dismissed. Now, Brandon Raub is suing the government for infringing on his First Amendment rights. His lawyer, John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute, sheds light on the details about Brandon’s arrest and what has happened in the months since.

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Facebook reveals amount of data turned over to government – Looking for information that might ensnare pedophiles that need to be protected working in Washington D. C.?

2018 – Facebook just bought a tool to authenticate official government IDs

Reuters said Facebook’s acquisition of software firm Confirm, which created tools to authenticate official IDs, seems to be a step that might help Facebook learn more about people who buy ads. Endgadet speculated that another positive use Facebook might have for the ID-collecting tools, is for authenticating people’s names. The Resident has an entirely different opinion on the acquisition altogether.

2011 – David Icke, Why The System Is Falling Apart (Predictions that are happening in 2018)

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