Killer “Chem Lung” Exposed by ABC Journalist Who Woke Up & Joins Alternative Media!

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by Thinker

ABC journalist goes to the doctor due to a respiratory infection and records what the results and the belief of the cause is – the air we breath and what is coming from the white lines full of chemicals in the sky. Now around the world, what some think is a flu is being called”chem lung” by one California doctor who has put his business out there to tell the truth along with an ABC journalist Rachael Reenstra who might not have a job anymore.

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Thanks to “Richie from Boston” the alternative world of media is being introduced to a mainstream journalist who has woken up and realized Hollywood isn’t what everyone thinks it is and the white lines in the sky aren’t your natural contrail coming out of a passenger jet plane!

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Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 21, 2018, #141 ( Dane Wigington


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