L.A. County D.A. Declines to Charge 3 Hollywood Stars of Allegations of Sexual Abuse

by Thinker

Failed investigations, friends, or a judicial system that’s broken??? Why didn’t the D.A. let Bill Cosby off the hook, or let him go to rehab like so many others??? Do sexual abusers reall rule in Hollywood??? Actions of the Attorney General speaks for itself. While Former FBI agent Richard Taus sits in the Clinton Federal Prison for over 30 years, those whose crimes are far greater get a get out jail free pass.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office has declined to file charges against three actors accused of sexual abuse in the wake of the #MeToo movement. Kevin Spacey and Steven Seagal won’t face criminal charges following allegations from the 1990s because the alleged incidents are beyond the statute of limitations, and prosecutors rejected filing a charge against “black-ish” actor Anthony Anderson, citing insufficient evidence.

The D.A.’s entertainment task force on Tuesday said charges would not be filed against the three men, who are among dozens in Hollywood under investigation by police in Los Angeles County following sexual abuse accusations. Prosecutors declined to charge Spacey in an October 1992 case, saying the date was beyond the period in which a charge could be filed. That allegation, made by a man, involved an incident in West Hollywood.

Spacey’s representatives did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Beverly Hills police last year investigated Seagal after a woman reported he had raped her on Jan. 1, 1993. Prosecutors, however, declined the case, noting the:

Problems haven’t been resolved???

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LA Times: Anti-Corruption Task Force Falls Apart After Conflict Between DA and Feds

A joint task force between the Orange County District Attorney’s office and federal law enforcement agencies aimed at cracking down on local political corruption fell apart last year, after years of festering distrust between local and federal officials, according to an investigation by the Los Angeles Times published Saturday. The investigation, authored by Times’ reporters Adam Elmahrek, a former Voice of OC reporter, and Richard Winton, relies on accounts from a dozen anonymous law enforcement sources.

“Multiple sources said both federal and local officials deserve blame for not taking public corruption cases seriously enough and for failing to assign enough of their best investigators and prosecutors to work on the task force,” according to the Times article. Friction between the DA and federal investigators stemmed in part from separate inquiries into Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, multiple sources told the Times. Federal agents were also suspicious about inquiries by DA supervisors into other FBI investigations and were wary of DA Tony Rackauckas’ perceived political ties to potential targets.

Rackauckas withdrew from the task force in February 2017, writing in a letter to federal officials that:


When a good cop/judge/D.A. protects those who do bad, who really suffers??? The People???

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