Las Vegas Goes FULL TYRANNY! – The Second Shutdown BEGINS! – MILLIONS Lose Job!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the most recent attack on the most basic of freedoms in Las Vegas, Nevada as Governor Steve Sisolak returns bars to phase one once again.

This means, effectively, just as waiters, waitresses and bar tenders are starting to make enough in tips again to feed their family (and themselves), the government has decided they cannot work anymore. Bars that do not serve food are now once again shutdown due to faulty numbers.

The numbers are faulty as deaths are way down but cases are way up because there were no tests being done and suddenly they did countless tests at the same time causing the number to appear to go up. Also, the man who created the test in the first place says that it only looks for exosomes and does not actually determine if you have the coveted “illness.”

Casino bars are allowed to stay open on the other hand.

These businesses face massive bankruptcies to begin with and are likely to be under by December anyways as they live off of the last of their cash.
On top of this order, the governor also forced a mask mandate on people a couple of weeks ago making it law to walk down the street by yourself in 110 degree heat with a mask on as well as shutting down all events with more than 49 people.

This is the epitome of tyranny based on absolutely NOTHING!

Where is the outrage? All we are seeing is compliance and subservience!

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