LAUNDROMAT In High School — After Students Bullied Over Dirty Clothes!

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A high school in New Jersey is getting off to a “clean” start this year.

The principal discovered students were being bullied for coming to class with dirty clothes, so he’s giving them a chance to go from the classroom into the laundry room, all under the same roof, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported Wednesday.

Students at West Side High School are picking up a new skill this year, a life skill. They are doing their laundry.

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The purpose of the new on-campus laundromat is to wash away the vicious cycle of bullying.

“I’ve seen a few kids in the back of the class talk about kids in the front of the class and how they smell and how their clothes look dirty,” 15-year-old Nasirr Cameron said.


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