US Still Cleanest Dirty Shirt Among Manufacturing Giants, Germany Drops to Debt Crisis Levels, Japan Contracts, China Counts on Government Bailout of Private Sector

Wolf Richter, But the US shirt is getting dirtier. Germany’s manufacturing data “makes for uncomfortable reading.” Much of the glowing press coverage today was focused on the uptick … Read more

Global Elite’s Dirty Little Secret Leaked & It Will Pale In Comparison To What You Already Know!!

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The Pharmaceutical industry’s dirty little secret. The data from thousands of clinical trials, often publicly funded, are never disclosed. Instead, the industry cherry-picks trial data to exclude evidence of ineffectiveness or adverse effects.

by Sabremesh All clinical trials of pharmaceutical products should be pre-registered, and the results should always be released. The prevalence of deliberate non-disclosure means that data which shows adverse side-effects is … Read more