FITTON: BIGGER: Los Angeles County set to remove up 1,592,066 names from dirty voting rolls as a result of Judicial Watch settlement.

by TFittonJW Massive Update: No one is doing more heavy lifting:  

DEMS LIES DEBUNKED – Read what was actually said for yourselves . Thinking Mueller tried to play a dirty trick by not redacting Grand Jury 6E material so it would cause delay to public, forcing Barr to make a memo outlining the CONCLUSIONS to public while waiting for the report to be readied.

Barr is told Mueller’s team has concerns about his letter. Barr contacts Mueller and asks him if his letter was inaccurate. Mueller says “no”. Barr is asked by Congress if … Read more

US Still Cleanest Dirty Shirt Among Manufacturing Giants, Germany Drops to Debt Crisis Levels, Japan Contracts, China Counts on Government Bailout of Private Sector

Wolf Richter, But the US shirt is getting dirtier. Germany’s manufacturing data “makes for uncomfortable reading.” Much of the glowing press coverage today was focused on the uptick … Read more