Law and Order: Texas Joins Trump Administration in Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

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by Robert Carbery

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has decided to enforce law and maintain order in his state, signing perhaps the nation’s toughest law against sanctuary cities this week. Under the law, Abbott prohibits the state’s law enforcement agencies from limiting their cooperation with federal authorities enforcing immigration law.
Law and order has come to Texas.
While California is moving fast toward becoming a sanctuary state, Texas has gone the exact opposite direction. Signed in a video presentation from his office, Gov. Abbott made the bill law that will penalize local officials and even sheriffs for failing to comply with federal authorities.
“Elected officials and law enforcement agencies, they don’t get to pick and choose which laws they will obey,” Abbott declared. They sure can’t. Our elected officials need to leave the law enforcement to the professionals and if they want to change immigration law, then let’s move to change it. In the meantime, a wave of enforcing the laws as they are written is sweeping the nation while a competing wave to continue Obama’s flouting of federal law continues with increased support as well.
Opponents of the law, appealing regularly to emotions over rational arguments, have warned lawmakers that this will only increase racial profiling of Hispanics in the state. There are sure to be challenges in the courts even in such a conservative state such as Texas. And states and municipalities from Maryland to Seattle will be doing all they can to protest the Trump administration’s rational policies. But shouldn’t there be some drawbacks to residing in a country illegally? There are in just about every other country on earth.

Those against sanctuary cities are not asking for racism to be the law of the land. They are not demanding deportations of all illegal immigrants in America. They are asking for the most dangerous to not have a chance to live here and for cities and states to fall in line with the law of the rest of the land. They are asking for federal immigration law to be enforced and for sanctuary cities to not unnecessarily endanger its citizens.
President Trump has shown a bright light on sanctuary cities since his foray into national politics almost two years ago now. He has promised to crack down on sanctuary cities and illegal immigration and he has followed through on that so far despite mounting opposition. While Gov. Abbott and others are following Trump’s direction in maintaining law and order, some 15 other states have now gone in the opposite direction, proposing bills to keep sanctuary cities intact.
The Texas law just passed is quite tough in that it imposes penalties on local officials who fail to comply. Texas police officers who refuse detention requests from federal immigration authorities could face jail time. In addition, politicians who do not comply can be removed from office and cities that break the law can be fined up to $25,000 a day.
We’re all for immigration. We simply want people to follow the law and enter this country legally. A strong majority of Americans are against dangerous illegal immigrants residing within our borders. Sanctuary cities are incompatible with a constitutional democracy that prioritizes safety and craves order.
Let’s hope more states and cities follow Texas’ move to end sanctuary cities once and for all.

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