Leading psychologist explains how easy it is to manipulate others’ memories. Then goes on to suggest she’d manipulate memories of her kids if she felt it was in their best interest.

by PathtoResistance

Dr. Loftus is a leading researcher in the field of memory psychology. In the first 3/4 of her Ted video, she mentions various studies/cases demonstrating how our memories are less solidified/reliable than we think, and that memories can easily be planted in 1/4-1/2 of the population.

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Then, in somewhat of a bizarre turn at the end of the video (see the 15:00 minute mark), she goes on to discuss the ethics of planting memories and suggests it is good when it results in something beneficial, such as a reduction in obesity.

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Always concerning when someone pioneering a research topic has this point of view. She seems to imply that this is the obvious decision we should make, to manipulate others’ memories when it is in their interest!




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