Leaked DHS Food Chain Task Force Document – 4/4/2020

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by dtrammel

Does not look pretty. Expect shortages by the middle of May.

WASHINGTON — The nation could begin to see food shortages for some products if the people working on the supply chain lack personal protective equipment, warns an internal Trump administration document obtained by Yahoo News.

Empty supermarket shelves have become one of the most jarring images of the coronavirus pandemic, which has sickened 270,000 Americans and killed 7,000. But so far, there have been no food shortages, despite 90 percent of the American population being under state-enforced lockdown orders.

And despite the difficulties people have had in obtaining certain foods, like pasta, grocery stores are generally well stocked. Government officials have argued that any temporary shortages are the result of unprecedented demand, as people have bought more than usual, rather than an actual supply-chain breakdown.

“I want to assure you that our food supply chain is sound,” Sonny Perdue, the secretary of agriculture, said on March 20.


From IceAgeFarmer:

Reports of panic buying in China developing.

Consider going back to 3-4 days a week going out, picking up a grocery bag or 2 of preservable food and increasing your deep pantry.

Also consider establishing an off site, perhaps a friend with some basement space or a family member for redundancy. You don’t want to lose your entire stock if you have a home fire or a break in. Divide up your stock of essentials (masks, cleaning supplies, ammo, FOOD) and store part of it someplace else.



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