Left Is Invoking The Civil War In America, We Are Witnessing A Soft Coup In Which Votes Don't Matter.

Huckabee: Left Wing Violence is a Threat to America’s Way of Life
I agree with Huckabee, and have seen the democratic party spiral into the mist’s of madness. The Clinton failure has left them disorganized and the radical elements are gathering up the strings of power with the assistance of the patronage media to basically engineer an administrative coup de tat. But it is also beginning to spill into the population and if it doesn’t stop there could be a lot more armed violence. This is all a media / leftist assault on the constitutional democracy and will get much worse.
Gavin McInnes: I Can No Longer Tell When Liberals Are Kidding

(LANGUAGE WARNING) Gavin McInnes confesses that the SJW left has become so deranged that he doesn’t know whether their latest complaints are serious. MORE: www.therebel.media/i_can_no_l…
Shakespeare In The Park Protested As The Right Turns The Tables On The Left
Proof The Left Is Responsible For Political Violence
We make the case beyond reasonable doubt it is the left that is invoking the civil war in America.
Mark Levin: The Mueller Investigation is Pretext to Impeachment


2 thoughts on “Left Is Invoking The Civil War In America, We Are Witnessing A Soft Coup In Which Votes Don't Matter.

  1. Everytime Trump’s polls drop we get a big snowstorm from the snowflakes,this time a shooting and his support then goes up. HMMMM!

  2. These F-ing Democrat /Never Trumper Republicans, subjected the real Americans to their fake human named Obama, and expect us real Americans to endure while these hypocrites incite civil war because their way is a double standard! They may get more than they seek!!!

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