Please Dear Friends Take The Time To Look Over Our Survey Aimed At Pleasing You.

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I have always had faith that as long as I helped others to learn,  they would also help me.  Life is a balancing act, which we perform together, enabling us to attain the wisdom we need to survive in this everchanging world.  Every day we live in this historic time, we are challenged with new information.
We want writers and readers both to empower IWB with the vital information we need to keep up with the most powerful news-making time in history.  During this groundbreaking time people are waking up to the truth as never before, and IWB wants to be a source truthseekers can trust.  We always try to keep you informed and equipped with the knowledge you yearn for.
Our goal is to be an interactive website in which both writers and readers can personally join hands in the exchange of knowledge.  That exchange of knowledge between writers and readers blossoms into wisdom, which produces better lives for everyone on this planet.
We try to produce a quality website, enabling both an enlightening and enjoyable online experience.  As of late, we have encountered some problematic issues.  If you missed the following articles we want you to understand what we are fighting against.
The following are two stories you might have missed:

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We have had so many attacks as of late, we have a concern that you, the reader, may have been blocked or inconvenienced by these attacks.  Please contact us at:  @  If you have experienced any trouble at all, please also include the browser you use.
We also have a survey we hope you will have time to look over and consider:

  1. What content do you most enjoy reading?
  2. What improvement would you like to see on IWB website?
  3. What is your opinion of our daily newsletter which is delivered at 5pm EST every day?
  4. Would you be interested if we start working on video content – turning featured posts into youtube video?
  5. Do you have difficulty using our social icon to share the posts? We do hope you will share your favorite posts, as that helps IWB to grow.
  6. Do you have difficulty assessing the website, if you do, please let us know the browser you use? We have strengthen our firewall, so some could be affected.
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We want to give you, the readers, power to submit what you want IWB writers to write:
If you have any good topics you want IWB to cover, free feel to email us @ You probably wont see a reply because we are dealing hundreds submission a day but I can assure you that your message will be received and seriously considered.
Future IWB development:
We will continue to hire new writers, working on more advanced database and server to improve the the user experience.  We are here to serve you, and to grow as we do so.
We recently had a reader comment on the fact he would like to see a table of contents applied to the side of the page, listing articles and with authors.  Further, he commented that he would like also to see an archived list of articles on the side of the page.  We are considering this, and we appreciate very much our faithful reader’s requests.
Please join in to help IWB improve our reader experience.  We are nothing without you!


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