Left wing and right wing are a false dichotomy. All factions are parts of the same bird.

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The conception of the far right and far left in modern America have one thing in common, totalitarianism. The idea that liberalism and conservatism are far ends of a political spectrum is illogical. Why would a spectrum have totalitarianism at both ends? Is there not a better conceptualization of these concepts?

In truth, we must look to the root of the words conservative and liberal. What is being conserved? If we go back to the beginning of time, when man still occupied the wilds, we lived in a state of anarchy. We thus conserve a decentralized “state” or better yet an “unstate” in absolute conservatism. Then what would the the tenants of liberalism? Change? And centralization to enforce that change? Following this to its logical conclusion it is interesting to see how the effect of liberation in full force comes all the way to neo Caesarism. Liberation by force. If we simply say that left corresponds to change and the right corresponds to stasis we can establish a base line definition that can be plugged into a binary of active and passive. A binary, rather than a dichotomy. A system that is in a healthy balance with itself rather than two distinct systems. Thus, the right and left are a tug of war of stasis and change within a closed system. They are not competing systems.

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This approach of looking at left and right can be used to help conceptualize a symbiotic system where the left and right work together in critique to form both a society of order and of freedom. There is a healthy medium between absolute freedom and absolute totalitarianism. We must find it.

Left wing and right wing must work in unison for the bird to achieve flight.


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