How Europe will destroy the Internet | Article 13 & EU Copyright Law Explained

If anyone is still into the topic of EU copyright law (aka ban on memes), I provide an explanation of various devastating impacts implementation of EU Copyright Directive is going to have on the entire Internet.

1 All content will be at the mercy of copyright holders

2 Rightholders will be entitled to compensation for any use of work. Google will have to pay publishers and artists for showing their content in thumbnails and excerpts in Google News and Google Search.

3 Platforms will be required to build automated upload filters that will block infringing content before it even goes alive. This is a big one, because automated filters won’t be recognizing between fair use (satire, commentary, parody, etc.) and infringing content. Huge problem for YouTubers

4 Copyright censorship: basically anybody will be able to shutdown opposition or opinions they don’t like by abusing this system. It’s so broad and vague politicians will be in control of the information flow.

5 Huge burdens are put on small businesses. The law requires that platforms establish STAFFED mechanisms to deal with complaints. That’s an incredible amount of resources poured into dealing with legal requirement and would be devastating to small businesses in Europe and elsewhere too.

6 Since everything has to be monitored by mandate of this law, all Internet communication will be tightly monitored before it gets filtered. This is serious because not even the slightest compromises made it into the law, so the worst version was voted for.

h/t The_HatedOne