The college conspiracy theory

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by gtmaroondragon

This is a conspiracy theory that i have made.

This is not fact just a theory.

Let us begin.

as this graph shows,the average college price has grown by 200% in just 40 years.

now some people say this is based on the economy growth.

however in 30 years the average family income has only grown by ten thousand.

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and unlike the tuition rate (always climbing) the economy goes up and down.

So why is this? Well it might sound a little far fetched but the real reason that the tuition rate is so high

is not scholarships

not greed

but to keep society in check.

Think about it. Everyone wants to go to college right? Almost everyone wants to go to college.And if you don’t you are considered a failure. So the college owners keep prices so high just so more people can go to bad jobs like subway or mcdonalds. Society intentionally puts college so high so America can make you your economic slave.

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Please take a moment to think about this.


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