Leftist Organization Removes Christmas From Durham NH

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I wonder how many small towns across America are going to follow suit and remove Christmas from their communities – would also like to know who are funding these organizations to remove Christmas celebrations.

The organization pushing for the removal of Christmas in Durham is “New Hampshire Listens” – they are “a national partner of Everyday Democracy”

New Hampshire Listens:

Everyday Democracy:

Holiday debate is back: Durham ends tree lighting, downplays Santa
DURHAM — Though the town’s holiday celebration is weeks away, Durham is already getting criticism about modifications to the event designed to remove religious overtones that non-Christians or non-religious residents could find offensive.

The wreaths that traditionally brightened Main Street during the holiday season will not be installed this year, Selig said. The working group viewed the wreaths as giving off too much of a Christmas overtone, and wanted to replace them with more generic decorations such as snowflakes or stars, Selig said. Unfortunately, that posed a financial problem this year, since money for new decorations was not included in the budget.

“So no wreaths and no other decorations,” Selig said, but a $10,000 request has been included in the 2020 budget for new lighting.

A sum of $6,000 also is included in the 2020 budget request to promote deeper community discussion of the event. The money would pay for the services of NH Listens, a civic engagement initiative of the Carsey School of Public Policy at UNH.

Changes coming to Durham’s holiday celebration following controversy
Durham NH – Changes are coming to Durham’s annual holiday celebration, after some voiced concerns over the event being too focused on Christmas

This year’s event is being called “Frost Fest.”

The tree will be lit but without any kind of lighting ceremony and Santa will appear but will not have the usual grand entrance…

The working group is considering snowflakes or other lights. But some taxpayers may have an issue with the proposed $10,000 price tag to replace the wreaths, plus an additional $6,000 for an event with New Hampshire Listens, a civic engagement initiative at UNH.

The public will have a chance to weigh in on the proposed changes at the next Town Council meeting Monday.


Residents of Durham can voice their concerns at the town hall meeting that is to take place on Monday 18 November @ 7:00 pm during the Budget meeting:

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