Leftists from WallStreetBets (GameStop investors) are in a State of SHOCK Over How Fake the News is

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“It is so fucking wild seeing such a broad coordinated
misinformation attack by the media with 0 facts or
evidence in their stories.”

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“Like seriously, I never really took the term ‘fake news’
serious before
Like I knew it was shitty and one sided, but what we are
dealing with now is in another fuckin level”

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“The fake shit I’ve seen before would at least cite a
fucking tweet from a nobody as a source or some shit but
the articles this week around GME and WSB have been just
devoid of any actual info and it’s coming news outlets
across the spectrum.”

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“Yeah, I never took fake news or that stuff too seriously
before either, but now I sit here and watch CNBC and
Bloomberg and unironically think of them as enemies of the

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“They were never friends of the people. They are friends
of their own corrupted interests. We will see both CNBC
and Bloomberg go bankrupt in due time friend. The
streisand effect will swipe them away.”

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“I was thinking about this too. No wonder a whole bunch of
people voted for Mangoman. Media is fake af”

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