Legends Diner in Denton Goes Broke and Closing After Charging $50 Extra to Those Not Wearing a Mask, $75 if You Disagree With the Policy

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Legends Diner in Denton — the restaurant that made national news for a sign threatening to charge customers a fee if they complain about masks — is closing at the end of August 2021.

Co-owner Wayne LaCombe says the concerns over COVID-19 and mask-wearing are “too much of a variable right now.”

“People just don’t want to comply, and I don’t think they will comply,” he says, looking at the problem from a big-picture sense. “COVID is going to go on for quite some time.”

LaCombe and his wife Kat LaCombe, a retired nurse, opened the Denton diner two years ago, serving pancakes as big as plates for breakfast and cheesy patty melts at lunch. They suffered through the coronavirus pandemic, intent upon keeping employees and customers safe by requiring that everyone wear a mask, even after the mask mandate was lifted by the governor of Texas in March. The city of Denton requires masks again, as of Aug. 12, 2021.


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