Lesson learned this week about taking profits.

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by NYCambition21

Ive been scalping SPY ITM weekly options. It has been very profitable. Usually I make between $100-$300 per trade but I would do that multiple times throughout the day so it adds up. I use the TDameritrade LRC indicator and MACD to help me know when a bounce or reversal will occur.

This is about me venting about taking profits. I was up over $700 on one trade with a SPY put and thought that would go down more due to greed. Then it reversed and I ended up losing $3k. What’s even worse is that I was being speculative and thought that it was going to reverse. It was on Thursday when SPY hit new ATH. So I decided to hold and hope for a reversal but it never did. I went from $700 up to down over $3000. Safe to say, I learned my lesson. I should’ve have just taken the $700 profit and go from there.

Lesson learned: people never went broke taking profits. They have gone broke by being too greedy and trying to hold out for more profits.

I don’t need to try to make $1000 on 1 trade. I can make 330 on 3 separate trades and that will add up. Trading is a marathon. Not a sprint.

Edit: please stop messaging me asking how I did my trades or if I can teach you. I’ve already stated how it’s done in my post. Please just read up on LRC channel and MACD. There’s YouTube videos about it.


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