Let’s discuss Bilibili ($BILI), up 31% in a week

by tt598

It’s mostly known as a Chinese video website, they don’t quite have the dominant position that YouTube has elsewhere, but pretty much anyone under 30 knows the site, especially among high school and university students, its very popular. Although the brand is mostly known for the video website, they are actually more of a gaming company and hoping to diversivy more

It makes most of its money — 83.4% of revenue last year — from games played on mobile devices, such as the popular “Fate Grand Order,” a role-playing game, or RPG.


They just had earnings last week, revenue growth was down, but still double digit growth.

The stock has been up 31% in a week, two days of 7+% growth in succession.

In its current form, I don’t think this company is comparable to Baba or Tencent, however it’s a strong brand. What they lack is more of their own content, so it can be a problem to maintain profits (e.g.), and they are replaceable by other companies.

The CFO used to be CFO at Netease, which may indicate the direction Bilibili hopes to go. The CEO and COO come from Cheetah Mobile (big at selling Android adware).




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